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Autocrane XCMG QY 25K5S 25 tonn

Technical parameters

  • ​Brand-XCMG
  • Model-QY25K5S
  • Load capacity-25 tons
  • Engine type-diesel,  WD615.329.
  • Weight-31.7 tons
  • Boom length: - from 10.4 to 39.5 m;
  • The length of the auxiliary boom – 47.8 m
  • Size-12300x2500x3380 mm (LxWxH)
  • Radius of coverage of the working area-3000 mm
  • Turning radius of the tail of the turntable - 3065 mm
  • Lifting torque-961 kN m
  • Longitudinal and transverse distance of outriggers-5,14 and 6 m
  • The load on the front wheels – 6.6 t
  • Load on the rear wheels-25.2 t
  • The power of 290 horsepower
  • Torque-1112 N / m
  • Transport speed-80 km / h
  • Turning radius-22 m
  • Ground clearance-260 mm
  • Fuel consumption-37 l / 100 km
  • Boom lifting time-68 s
  • Time for full extension of the boom-150 s
  • The speed of rotation of 2.5 rpm
  • Lifting speed of main / auxiliary winch without load-125 m / min
  • Fuel tank capacity: about 260 liters.


The main area of use of XCMG QY25K5S – change the location of goods, their movement over certain distances and heights. However, any other truck crane is designed for this. However, XCMG QY25K5S costs relatively little money, and at the same time has a hardy and durable design, as the more expensive competitors. In addition, this fact made it possible to achieve not only low maintenance costs, but also decent performance in all areas of activity. For example, XCMG QY25K5S is able to carry out the installation of buildings, structures and metal structures, as well as move bulky technical equipment. Moreover, this model is perfectly suited for the role as a replacement for low-power manipulators, and can be in demand in the construction of large logistics centers. The possibilities of this crane are not limited, because it has proven itself in search and rescue operations-for example, when unloading and pulling away debris and destruction of urban infrastructure.
XCMG QY25K5S is designed for installation and loading operations, construction of high-rise buildings and other urban structures. For this purpose, the crane is equipped with components that allowed to achieve a load capacity of tons at a radius of 3.5 meters. Note that its capabilities, weight and dimensions of the equipment belongs to the category K. Under this series fall cranes equipped with a jib and boom in the form of a hexagon.
Spacious and functional cabin with a wide area of glazing. It is well Soundproofed from external noise and vibrations, and is equipped with various adjustments and electric drives. In addition, we note the presence of climate control, which provides comfort and coziness no matter what the outside temperature.
Economical power plant, developing a large torque. It demonstrates good traction characteristics, and allows you to overcome off-road obstacles with large diagonal climbs. This is also facilitated by high ground clearance and modern systems, including electronic locks. The engine turned out to be quite powerful, economical and environmentally friendly. It complies with international norms and standards on harmful emissions into the atmosphere. In its off-road capabilities, this rear-wheel drive crane is largely superior to its predecessor. The power unit complies with Euro 4.
Relatively small weight and dimensions-this feature has a positive impact on maneuverability and stability when cornering. In addition, the equipment is able to move at a speed of more than 60 km / h. Unshakable stability was achieved due to the low center of gravity – both during movement and during operation.
The truck crane received a new hydraulic system patented by Chinese engineers specifically for XCMG QY25K5S.
Five-section boom with octagonal profile. A hydraulic cylinder and a special block system are responsible for its lifting.
The crane is equipped with an additional outrigger, which increases stability, and thus expands the working area.
Main and auxiliary winches, which can be used together or separately.
High-tech functional materials, high-quality finishing elements-all this allowed to increase the service life and endurance of the product, and to adapt the crane to severe climatic zones
Thanks to two special joysticks located in the cabin, you can perform various crane operations. The efficiency and accuracy of loading and unloading operations is guaranteed by the latest hydraulic system
High maneuverability was achieved due to the minimum turning radius of 3 meters. In addition, we draw attention to the proprietary safety kit, consisting of devices, sensors and systems that control the work of all moving parts of the crane installation. These devices are able to determine the coordinates of the location of the boom, the degree of load, as well as provide protection in the event of overload, overheating and oil pressure drop. In addition, the computer is able to prevent dangerous rapprochement with the power line.
Technical characteristics of XCMG QY25K5S crane
Telescopic cargo crane model: QY25K5S
Maximum load capacity: 25 tons.
1. Manufacturer
The crane is designed and manufactured by XCMG, with a spacious cabin, with three axes, drive/steering 6×4×2.
Designed and manufactured XCMG crane has anti-caisson structure, made of high strength steel.
Outriggers are located between the axes 1 and 2, and at the rear end of the frame.
The whole surface is anti-slip.
1.2. Engine manufacturer
Manufacturer: Hangzhou Engine Co.,, Ltd.
Model: WD615.329.
Type: 6-cylinder, inline, water-cooled, heat exchanger, diesel engine control panel.
Environmental compliance: meets the requirements of the Euro-3 standard.
Fuel tank capacity: about 260 liters.
1.3. Drive line
1.3.1. Transmission
Manual manual control, 6 or 8-speed transmission, rear axle steering.
1.3.2. Axis
High strength axle, easy maintenance.
1st axle: one of the tires, for steering.
2nd axle: double tires, for propulsion.
3rd axis: double tires, for driving.
1.3.3. Drive shaft
The cross toothed flange is used to connect the drive shaft, optimize the transmission force and increase the torque.
1.4. Suspension
Front suspension: longitudinal plate spring, with the barrel of the shock absorber.
Rear suspension: longitudinal plate spring, double balance axis, the spring and follower to control.
1.5. Steering
The mechanical steering system has hydraulic power devices.
1.6. Wheel
Diagonal tire, 11.00-20, suitable for heavy trucks, has good unification. One spare wheel is included as standard.
1.7. Brake
Service brake: foot pedal control, double-circuit pneumatic brake system. The 1st circuit acts on the front wheels, the 2nd circuit acts on the wheels 2 and 3 axes;
Parking brake: a brake that acts on the two rear axles and produces a spring-loaded air chamber effect on each axle.
Auxiliary brake: engine exhaust brake.
1.8. Driver's cab
New "luxury" spacious cabin, equipped with a CD player, adjustable seats, adjustable steering wheel, large rear view mirror and electric washer and door lift mechanism.
Heater and air conditioning are standard.
1.9. Hydrosystem
The gear pump connected to the transmission via PTO, auxiliary steering control and hydraulic outriggers and provides hydraulic performance for lifting operations.
1.10. Hydraulic outriggers
H-type supports, four support points, outrigger beams and hydraulic jacks.
The control levers are located on both sides of the carrier. The level sensor and the control accelerator are equipped with near control levers. The outriggers are hinged under the jacks.
5th socket: located in front of the frame. Ability to work the boom at 360 ° .
1.11. Electrics
24 V DC, negative ground, 2 batteries. The lighting meets the requirements of Chinese law in the field of road safety, including lights, fog lights and reversing light.
1.12. Tooling
Attached is a set of tools for crane maintenance.
2. Superstructure
2.1. Swivel ring
Single row four point contact ball swivel ring inner teeth, it is able to rotate 360° continuously, gasket seal water proof and dust proof.
2.2. Turntable
Welded with fine-grained high-strength steel, with anti-friction frame, has strong bearing capacity.
2.3. Hydraulic system
In the hydraulic system is under the control of a multi-way valve, the main valve is considered to be load-sensitive proportional valve changes multiport, which is shock-resistant valve at each change valve is corrosion-resistant valve pipeline valves for main and auxiliary winch.
Imported proportional pressure relief valve is adapted as pilot valve. The moving angle of the handle valve is directly proportional to the outlet pressure of the valve, and the spindle displacement valve is also the main control valve is directly proportional to the outlet pressure of the valve. Thus, the inching control mode is available throughout the machine. Meanwhile, depending on the load, the valve increases the speed of the actuator without having any relation to the load, which makes the operator's work easy.
The winch system has the characteristics of high speed at low load and low speed with high load.
Easy drop is adapted in lifting systems, energy saving.
Good push control mode and trouble-free operation are available in the swing system.
Oil tank capacity: approx.: 468 l.
2.3.1. Hydraulic oil cooler
Connected to the hydraulic system in series, with more power, can effectively reduce the oil temperature in the hydraulic system.
2.4. Control
Hydraulic pilot control system, implemented on 2 control lever with four directions is located on the armrest. All movements of the crane can be carried out by means of a hydraulic pump and a proportional valve, with features of easy operation and precise control of the shock mode, and available infinite speed adjustment.
2.5. Main / auxiliary lift system
Driven by hydraulic motor, with planetary gear, equipped with normally closed brake and thrust resistant rope. The main and auxiliary lift systems can be operated separately.
Main winch: pulling force is 4000 kg, cable diameter is 14 mm, length is 180 m.
Auxiliary winch: pulling force is 4000 kg, cable diameter is 14mm, length is 105m.
2.6. Lifting system
One cylinder is equipped with a counterweight valve. Lifting angle: -2~°80°.
2.7. Rotary system
It is driven by a hydraulic motor, with a built-in planetary gearbox and a normally closed brake. Self-sliding function and rotary stepless speed adjustment are available.
2.8. Main boom
It consists of one main boom and four telescopic sections, resistant to deformation of the structure, made of high-strength structural steel, octagonal cross-section. Good stability when performing lifting operations. The gap slider is adjustable. Single cylinder with additional telescopic ropes for synchronous telescoping. Five pulleys at the boom end are standard.
2.9. Operator cabin
Designed ergonomic optimized cabin, safe and comfortable, with protective glass, equipped with a protective screen from the sun and protective rails. The door opens from the outside, the seat is adjustable. Controllers and indicators are located ergonomically, with a wide field of view. Heater and air conditioning are standard.
2.10. Safety device
Hydraulic balance valve, hydraulic safety valve, double acting hydraulic valve, etc. are installed in the hydraulic system to ensure the stable and safe operation of the system.
Hirschman's restraint and load system uses advanced micro-processing technology, promotes less energy consumption, powerful function, high sensitivity and easy operation. The large screen LCD display will show the operation data, such as torque, percentage of actual load capacity, rated load capacity, boom reach, boom length, boom angle, maximum lifting height, working condition, part of the line, limited angle, information code, etc.by means of Chinese and graphic symbols. It has a full set of pre-notification and overload cut-out function as well as memory overload (black box) and self-diagnosis fault function.
The end of the rope limit gates with goal prevent liberation rope.
The height limiter is mounted on the boom head to prevent the rope from winding.
2.11. Counterweight
The counterweight is fixed to the tail of the turntable.
Weight: 5960 kg.
2.12. Crane beam
Made of high strength steel, lattice structure, its length is 8.3 m. available offset angles are 0°, 15° and 30°.
Can be used while driving on the road fixed on the side of the boom.
3. Color
Mounting color-black.
The color of the cab and driver's superstructure is yellow.






operating сabin


No special reinforcement

The control cabin is firmly reinforced by 30 percent

Rear mirror holder

No position limiter

To prevent damage from the rear mirror, there is a restraint device

XCMG logo


Thickness of 8 millimeters (mm) (made on the basis of new pressed blank)

Fixing the key start

Ordinary mount

Against the caruth there is an increased self-locking mount

Side glass

Missing "E-Mark" marker

There is a marker "E-Mark"

Rear glass

Missing marker "E-Mark ”

There is a marker "E-Mark"


Brake control system

Brake pipeline

There is no dynamometric adapter

There are enough points to measure the brake pressure to make a convenient diagnosis of repair work in the braking system


Structural clearance regulation is not automated (manually regulated)

To maintain the equipment comfortably, as well as improve the quality of the system, there is an automated balancing gap

Lever stopper

The lever bridge stopper at the front is 115 millimetres (mm), and the lever is 175 millimetres (mm) in the rear.

The levery bridge stopper at the front has 145 millimetres (mm) length, the levered bridge stopper at the back has 215 millimetres (mm) (made from modern pressed blanks)




Equipped with a simple battery, running in a temperature range not lower than -25 degrees

Battery is more stable in cold climates with temperature range up to -40 degrees

Wire system


Reducing electromagnetic interference is provided by screening wires

Farah vs. fog in front

Missing marker "E-Mark ”

There is a marker "E-Mark ”

Farah vs. fog at the back

Missing marker "E-Mark ”

There is a marker "E-Mark ”

Farah at the back

Missing marker "E-Mark ”

There is a marker "E-Mark ”

Sound signal


There are 2 electric megaphones with marker "E-Mark ”




Simple diagonal

Rubber radial with marker "E-Mark" and "S" (Shuangxian or zianjin)


Outdoor information

Shildik manufacturing plant

In English and Chinese

Cyrillic information

Reflective light on the side of the film

Reflective light film, in red/white, missing marker "E-Mark "

White-colored film reflecting light, with marker "E-Mark ”

Reflective light at the back of the film

Reflective light film in red/white, missing marker "E-Matic "

Red-colored film reflecting light with marker "E-Mark ”


Climate control

Produces heat

4500 W

6500 W

New functions of XCMG QY25K5 crane



More features


Cooling liquid for heating

It is possible to start in cold. Equipped with a fuel tank and a hydraulic tank (for heating). The allowable lower range is -40 degrees.


ABS lock system

Built-in AVS measuring converters that prevent anti-blocking and ensure movement without danger


Front protection

To exclude auriandand and ensure movement without danger, there is a special protection from the front


The back plate

For Russian traffic rules, there is an "E-Mark" certification shildik at the back


Noise reduction

The engine's skin from the inside is covered with a sound-absorbing coating, the cabin from below is also with sound absorption. To reduce noise and increase comfort, the air system is equipped with brake valves, safety. Dryer with a noise-maker



There is a speed-limiting function for safe driving


Operator's cabin

Equipped with insulation, creates the ability to work in the temperature range up to - 40 degrees, there are holes for wind and behind the climate control cover



Added lamps with indicators against fog in front and back, lamp number at the back, which contributes to compliance with Russian traffic rules.