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Autocrane XCMG QY25K-II 25 tonn


Technical parameters

  • XCMG qy25k-II truck crane
  • Manufacturer: XCMG
  • Model: QY25K-II
  • Load capacity: 25 tons
  • Total LxWxH (mm): 12650x2500x3380      
  • Curb weight (kg): 29400
  • Axle load front axle (kg): 6200
  • Axle load rear axle (kg): 23200  
  • Maximum speed (km / h): 75
  • Minimum turning diameter (m): 21.5
  • Minimum ground clearance (mm): 275
  • The angle of elevation(°): 16
  • Deflection angle (°): 13
  • Braking distance (at speed of 30 km/h) (m): 10
  • Maximum passability (%): 30
  • Fuel consumption per 100 km (l): ~37
  • Shanghai SINOTRUK engine
  • Engine model: SC8DK280Q3 WD615. 329
  • Rated power (kW / (rpm)): 206/2200 213/2200
  • Rated motor torque (N. m/(rpm)): 1112/1400 1160/1400
  • Engine capacity (ml): 8300 9726
  • Number of cylinders: 6 6
  • The speed of rotation of the motor (rpm.): 2200 2200
  • Engine dimensions (LxWxH) (mm): 1363x890x982  
  • Engine weight (kg): 700 850
  • Environmental class: Euro-4
  • Lifting performance      
  • Load capacity (kg): 25000
  • Minimal working radius (m): 3
  • Turning radius (m): 3.065
  • Maximum load moment of main boom (kN.m): 1010
  • Outrigger longitudinal span (m): 5.14
  • Outrigger lateral span (m): 6
  • Main boom length (m): 10.7
  • Length of fully extended main boom (m): 34.19
  • length, (m): 7.96
  • Length of fully extended boom + jib (m): 42.15   
  • Boom lift time (s): 75
  • Total boom extension time (s): 150
  • The maximum speed of rotation of the platform(ex./m): 2.5
  • Lifting speed (single row) main winch full load (m / min): 120
  • Lifting speed (single row) auxiliary winch full load (m / min): 120​
  • ​Boom type telescopic
  • Factory warranty: 1 year
  • Country of origin: CHINA
  • ​Factory manufacturer: Xuzhou Construction Macnery Group Co., Ltd.

25 ton XCMG qy25k-II truck cranes

The XCMG QY25K-II mobile crane design incorporates a unique hydraulic system awarded six state patents in China. Like other XCMG rear-wheel drive cranes, the QY25K-II has a low center of gravity, which provides excellent cross-country performance and guarantees stability during crane operations.
1. Specialized boom of OCTAGONAL cross section has features of light deadweight, better strength and strong lifting capacity
2. Improved Integrated boom head, strong structural elements and lower sliders with larger area contribute to better load capacity and smoother telescopic movement, and effectively prevent the boom from twisting after side loading.
3. The telescopic mechanism is designed reliably. In the telescopic mechanism, both the rotating, stable rope used for thick cable and the guide pulley are imported parts and have reliable performance.
4. Excellent welding technology for structural elements. Welding robot with advanced process used for key welding makes reliable quality goods.
5. Ferrule type compression joints are used for pipeline, have features of reliable connection, better tightness and less leakage.

XCMG QY25K-II joystick control.
XCMG qy25k truck crane belongs to K series of cranes.
Chinese XCMG qy25k cranes have excellent stability when working with cargo and when moving, because they have a low center of gravity. Qy25k5 1 XCMG truck crane has a main boom with 5 sections, with telescopic structure. The original octagonal profile is used in the design of the boom.
This technique due to the alternate extension of the boom sections allows you to work at different heights with a variety of loads. The auxiliary and main winch can operate independently of each other. For the convenience of the crane operator, two joysticks are installed on the arm of the chair, which can be controlled by the hydraulic system. Even a light touch on the joystick buttons is enough for the system to accurately transmit commands to perform operations. Due to the use of a swing system with a special function of free sliding, the load is automatically leveled.
Truck crane 25 tons from the Chinese manufacturer are equipped with an effective security system. It includes:
  • safety control valve;
  • a limiter limiting lifting;
  • the limiter free running of the rope;
  • load torque limiter;
  • hydraulic anti-gravity valve, pressure protection;
  • anti-lock device, etc.
All the main elements of the chassis and crane installation are made of high-strength and high-quality steel. At the same time, the new crane minimizes the total weight due to the use of high-strength and lightweight materials. This allows you to use this technique most effectively.
For the crane operator who will work on this crane, there is a spacious, comfortable, functional cabin with a wide viewing radius. Since the crane can operate in different areas, with different weather conditions, the driver's cabin and crane operator are equipped with air conditioning. That is why the XCMG crane reviews are only favorable both from the owners of the construction company and from the employees.
XCMG is a reliable equipment from the world's leading manufacturer, which can be used in a variety of industries, as well as in the construction sector. Even today, our visitors will be able to purchase a crane at a uniquely low cost. At the same time, buyers have the opportunity to use the crane in large-scale construction works for the transportation of heavy and light loads. XCMG crane is a reliable technique that will work smoothly for many years.