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Truck crane XCMG QY25K5C 25 ton


Technical parameters

  • ​Brand XCMG
  • Model QY25K5C
  • Total length (Mm) 12850
  • Total width of the machine (Mm) 2550
  • Total height (Mm) 3480                                                                                                                                                                       
  • Wheelbase (Mm) 4500 + 1350
  • Tread (Mm) 2059 (Hande) 2074 (Mercedes) / 1834/1834
  • The overall quality of the driving state (Kg) 33000
  • Axial load (Kg) 7400/12800/12800
  • Engine model-SC9DF300. 1Q5
  • Rated motor power (KW / (g / min)) 221/2200
  • Rated motor torque (Nm / (g / min)) 1250/1400
  • Driving parameters (Km / h) ≥90
  • travel (Km / h) 2.5 to 3
  • Maximum travel speed (M) ≤21
  • Minimum stable driving speed (M) ≤25.58
  • rotation ( % ) ≥40
  • Minimum turning diameter (Mm) 250
  • The minimum diameter of the twist of the wrist (°) 11
  • Maximum rating ( ° ) 13.5
  • Minimum ground clearance (M) ≤10
  • Angle of approach (L) 30
  • Departure angle (T) 25
  • Stopping distance (M) 3
  • Fuel consumption 100 km (KN · m) 1132
  • Main performance parameters (Mm) 3550 (balancer)
  • Maximum rated total load capacity (M) 5.5
  • Minimum nominal amplitude (M) 6,4
  • Maximum lifting torque of the main arm (M) 10.1
  • Turning radius of the turntable (M) 40.7
  • Feet (M) 50.2
  • vertical         -        -
  • lateral (M) 10.8
  • Maximum lifting height (M) 42
  • The main arm 51
  • Longest main arm (M)    -
  • Longest main arm + boom (R / min) ≥2.5
  • Longest main arm + boom + extended section - ≥135 (single rope, fourth layer, no load)
  • Boom length - ≥135 (single rope, fourth layer, no load)
  • Main arm (S), ≤100
  • The longest main arm      -        -
  • Longest main arm + boom (S), ≤38
  • Longest main arm + boom + extended section (S),     -
  • Operating speed (S), ≤25
  • Maximum turning speed (S), ≤20
  • Lifting speed (S), ≤25
  • Main lifting mechanism (S), ≤20
  • Secondary lifting mechanism unit parameters
  • Extension time of the boom - QY25K5C
  • Full extension (Mm) 12850
  • Total reduction (Mm) 2550
  • Variable time (Mm) 3480
  • Full arm (Mm) 4500 + 1350
  • Full arm (Mm) 2059 (Hande) 2074 (Mercedes) / 1834/1834
  • Legs apart-horizontal (Kg) 33000
  • At the same time - level (Kg) 7400/12800/12800
  • At the same time - level-SC9DF300. 1Q5
  • Removal of foot - vertical (KW / (R / min)) 221/2200
  • At the same time (Nm / (g / min)) 1250/1400
  • At the same time (Km / h) ≥90
  • Full arm (Km / h) 2.5 to 3
  • Total arm (M) ≤21 (M) ≤25.58 ( % ) ≥40   (Mm) 250   
  • Country of origin: CHINA 
  • Factory manufacturer: Xuzhou Constructiom Machinery Group Co., Ltd
  • Factory warranty: 1 year



QY25K5C the difference between the models XCMG QY25K5-I

QY25K5C will soon be on the list, many friends will compare it with QY25K5-I, today we will introduce you in detail, the difference between them.

The look is mostly similar, but the unique "2019-KC" is enough for everyone to see at a glance which one is new.In addition, the KC series uses the same one-handed design as the g generation. Quantification has been greatly improved and lifting capacity is naturally obvious.

Update the configuration of the two parts:

The human-computer interaction panel, air outlet, steering wheel and inner door handle are made of hot-pressed chrome non-woven ceiling, and the Mat is upgraded from rubber to a fire-resistant, non-slip, easy-to-dust fine-mesh Mat.

Many hangers worry about the reliability of the hydraulic system after upgrading.


The current QY25K5C uses patented dual-pump split flow automatic control technology, which is a very efficient combination of dual pump and oil supply during lifting, with variable amplitude and only hand movement. Automatic split flow control can realize the combination of any working conditions, and the performance of the combined control is excellent. The whole hydraulic system can be free from the load of lifting load and oil pump flow, ensuring the actual requirements of customer speed regulation, ensuring the controllability of lifting action, reducing the heating of the hydraulic system and prolonging the service life of the hydraulic system.


Compared to the old K series load measurement system, the efficiency improvement is very obvious because, after all, it is an old system that has been in use for almost 20 years.


The reliability of the electrical system is fully enhanced to meet the generation g standard


The entire KC series is equipped with the same electrical circuit as generation G. compared to the old K series, reliability is improved: waterproof and dustproof connectors, metal wiring harness splitter protection, high temperature resistance bellows seal 150 ° C, protection Rating IP67.

New protection details


Halogen foot lamps are replaced with LEDs, the connecting shaft of the lever is replaced by a single pin shaft to a shaft with two pins, which is convenient for threading, the size of the winch control mirror is increased from 214 × 162 (width × height) to 420 × 220 (width). × 2), the whole winch is visible; G-shaped hook lifting hooks are easy to carry with the rope system, KC is also fully equipped, without the need to disassemble the wedge sleeve, rope time saves 48%.

What is the practical performance of the old product?


-KC series boom design is also easy to achieve g generation level, qy25k5c main arm length with full extension 42m, high frequency lifting working conditions, the old 25K was so strong, do you think 25KC will be worse?


- Through statistical analysis of nearly 20,000 25-ton data over 2 years of operation, it was found that the most commonly used boom length is 93% within 35 meters and 90.3% within 20 meters.


-With a lever length of about 35 meters and an amplitude of about 20 meters, the 25K5C is applied with the same optimization as the g generation. For these conditions, both debugging and experimental strength have been enhanced several times, and in terms of design, R & d specialists are able to achieve maximum efficiency of high frequency operating conditions, optimal fuel economy and minimize the performance degradation caused by fatigue. It's a systematic coincidence.


-The ultimate advantage is that the overall efficiency is higher when used, the fuel economy is higher, the crane performance is lower and the service life of the whole machine is longer, so the used machine is more valuable. (Article source:


-Update two-room part configuration update two-room part configuration


-Over the past 20 years, the Xugong K series has helped lift generations of lifts, many of which have become the industry's vanguard. The quality and performance of the K series allow the classics to run for 20 years. Xu Gong, unrepentant K5 " is an evaluation of the Xugong K series that has been distributed over these 20 years.


-After 20 years, the K series is still active in the market and many customers still love the K series. However, the competition in the market is increasing and the performance of the products is constantly improving.


-At this time, the industry's most cost-effective XCMG KC series product appeared! Let the classic continue the legends to help lift people up in the next 20 years


.- QY25K5C is the brightest representative of KC series.

-With a length of 42 meters and a top speed of 90 km / h, the load capacity and chassis are among the first in the industry.


-Newly upgraded hydraulic system of the whole machine, the double pump automatically separates the flow, and the high efficiency and micro-movement are manifested to the limit, so that everyone can experience a truly Mature and reliable hydraulic system.

-QY25K5C landing cabin


-All mankind has increased dramatically, the modern sense of stronger human interaction system-computer, dust and noise reduction high sealing two rooms, large winch control using double-edged boom pin, hook fast rope wear, etc., etc. Let people movers fight better.


- Classic, economical, high-performance, wear-resistant, durable leather ... With these qualities QY25K5C can definitely help you in the next 20 years