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Autocrane XCMG QY30K5-I 30 tonn

Technical parameters

 XCMG QY30K5-I auto crane
  • Brand XCMG
  • ​Model QY30K5-I
  • ​Load capacity (t) 30
  • Main boom (m) 10,
  • Boom (m) 40.4
  • Jib boom (m) 48.7
  • Total length (mm) 12570
  • Overall width (mm) 2500
  • Overall height (mm) 3450
  • The mass in running order (kg) 32400
  • Front axle load (kg) 8000
  • Rear axle load (kg) 34100
  • The Engine Is Euro 5
  • Maximum speed (km / h) 80
  • Minimum turning radius (m) 11
  • Minimum ground clearance (mm) 290
  • Maximum slope to be overcome ( % ) 40
  • Fuel consumption per 100 km (l) 40
  • Maximum load capacity (kg) 30000
  • Minimum working radius (mm) 3065​
  • Maximum lifting torque (kN.(m) 1025
  • Boom lift time (s) 68
  • Time to full boom lift (s) 150
  • Maximum lifting speed of the main winch (no load) (m/min) 120
  • Maximum lifting speed of the winch (no load) (m/min) 120​
  • Boom type: Telescopic
  • Factory warranty: 1 year
  • Manufacturer: XCMG
  • Country of origin: China
  • Factory manufacturer: Xuzhou Construction Machinery Group Co., Ltd
  • Distributor: Official Authorized Distributor in Uzbekistan: NAVOI PROM GRAND.LLC (NPG.LLC)

QY30K, QY30K5, QY30K5-I, XCT30E


XCMG QY30K5-I auto crane
Chinese XCMG cranes are deservedly recognized by consumers in Uzbekistan and around the world. This is the perfect combination of price and quality, due to the introduction of high technologies and developments.
The boom of the hydraulic crane is made of high-quality European steel according to the advanced German technologies of the LIEBHERR company. In the manufacture of crane used imported components from leading European manufacturers.
The use of advanced technologies of LIEBHERR-the leader among manufacturers of lifting equipment, as well as the implementation of its own unique technical solutions allows the company to produce cranes that successfully compete with the best world models and are not inferior to them in quality and efficiency. Cummins engines, used as powertrains, are reliable and meet all environmental requirements. The remote boom of the Chinese truck crane has an oval, octagonal or U-shaped profile depending on the model, which in comparison with the usual rectangular cross-section, allows you to evenly distribute the load throughout the boom structure. XCMG cranes are equipped with a lengthening jib as standard. The control of the boom by means of two joysticks allows the operator to easily manipulate the operations of the crane and to carry out movements with high accuracy.
The cabin provides comfortable conditions for the operator. The XCMG wheel crane safety system includes cable freewheel limiters, torque limiter and lifting weight limiter, which will eliminate the possibility of cargo falling, crane overturning and any emergency situation. XCMG self-propelled cranes are also available, compact and maneuverable, capable of performing work in the cramped conditions of modern cities .
XCMG cranes are highly maneuverable and passable, which allows them to quickly move to objects far away from each other.
QY30K5-I truck crane is a reliable and high-quality heavy crane equipment from a leading Chinese manufacturer. Today, and in our country is actively selling XCMG cranes, but only in our company offers the best prices for this special equipment. It is noteworthy that at a uniquely low cost, the client buys reliable and high-quality equipment that will last with proper care for decades.
QY30K5-I truck crane has a curb weight of 32.4 tons. It is a reliable machine with a load capacity of 30 tons, lifting height with extended boom-38.7 meters, lifting height with extended boom with jib-47.6 meters. The load on the front axle is 7000 kilograms, and on the rear axles 25400 kilograms. The crane can be used in different spheres of human activity.
Movement parameters are improved thanks to the advanced special crane chassis, which are equipped with a powerful protected engine. High torsion resistance has a large box-type frame, stability during operation is provided by widely extended outriggers. The orthogonal five-section telescopic boom has excellent lifting characteristics. Thanks to this, such equipment - QY30K5-I  cranes-compares favorably with analogues in the construction industry.
Euro 5 Engine
1. The specialized octagonal boom has the features of light deadweight, better strength and strong load capacity.
2. Improved Integrated boom head, strong structural elements and lower sliders with larger area contribute to better load capacity and smoother telescopic movement, and effectively prevent the boom from twisting after side loading.
3. the telescopic mechanism is designed reliably. In the telescopic mechanism, both the rotating, stable rope used for thick cable and the guide pulley are imported parts and have reliable performance.