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Autocrane XCMG XCT55-L6











Technical parameters


  • XCT55L6
  • Brand: XCMG
  • Model: XCT55L6
  • Load capacity: 55000 kg
  • Total length: 13980 Mm 
  • Overall width: 2550mm           
  • Total height: 3770 Mm
  • Weight: 44000 kg
  • Boom section : 6pcs
  • Engine type: Diesel
  • Engine model: D10. 38A-40/SC10E380/MK11. 36-40,
  • Environmental engine class: EURO5
  • Fuel consumption per 100 km is only 35 liters.
  • Cooling system type: Water cooling
  • Rated motor power: 276/2200 / 268/1900
  • Min. Rated working radius: 3 m
  • Counterweight: 3625 mm
  • Winch accessories: 3845 mm
  • Boom base: 2033 KN.m
  • Fully extended boom: 1223 KN.m
  • Fully extended boom + jib: 802 KN.m
  • In the longitudinal direction: 8035 Driver
  • Side : 7300
  • Base boom: 11.2 m
  • Fully extended boom : 50.0 m
  • Fully extended boom + jib: 63.8 m
  • Offset angle of lattice boom: 0.15, 30 m
  •  The lifting boom: ≤40
  • Max. the frequency of turning: 2 R/min
  • Lifting speed (single line, 4th level)
  • Main winch: 130 M / min
  • Fuel tank capacity, l: 320
  • Number of axes 4
  • Number of tires 12
  • Tire size: 315/80R22. 5
  • Wheelbase: 1470+3700+1350 mm
  • Wheelbase: 2124/2124/1834/1834 mm
  • Winch auxiliary equipment: 130 M / min
  • Outside noise level: ≤124 DB(A)
  • The noise level in the closed state: ≤90 DB(A)
  • Warranty period: 12 months or 1 000m/h from the manufacturer
  • Abs installed
  • Max. speed: 90 km / h
  • Axle load: 9000+9000+13000+2 kg
  • Boom type: Telescopic
  • Factory warranty: 1 year
  • Manufacturer: XCMG
  • Country of origin: China
  • Factory manufacturer: Xuzhou Construction Machinery Group Co., Ltd

Distributor: Official Authorized Distributor in Uzbekistan: NAVOI PROM GRAND.LLC (NPG.LLC)



XCT55, XCT55-L5, XCT55-L6, XCT55-L5_S


XCT55-L6 XCMG truck crane New 6-section Hydraulic crane

Standard remodeling, omnipotent leadership, the industry's first 6-section 50-meter-long boom, sets new heights in the industry.

* The original new single-cylinder latch system implements a six-cylinder lifting arm up to 50m long, lifting performance over 20% of the industry's best.

* Low speed and high torque, perfect combination of optimal power and optimal economy.The maximum climbing capacity is 45%, the maximum movement speed is 90km/h, the industry highest, fuel consumption is 35L 100km.

* New electric proportional hydraulic pump control system with low fuel consumption and better dynamism.Average fuel consumption is 15% lower than peers, micro and smooth lift is 20% to achieve accurate lift.

* Intelligent boom technology to realize automatic working condition planning, lifting follow-up, amplitude change compensation, international leading intelligence level.

* System interaction machine Xu workers reaching the level of a sedan, provides a convenient smart experience.New generation scmg g appearance, humanized design, operation is more convenient and convenient.

* The innovative lattice boom system adopts built-in cylinder block, cylinder head boom and octagon jib, which has excellent lifting performance and safe and reliable lifting performance.   
* Unique tensile and retraction method avoids bending of the pipeline and core and cylinder boom resulting in misoperation, improving the safety of operations.   

Xct55 truck crane is mainly designed for the domestic market, including the needs of the international market. Applying the exclusive chassis, it is applicable for wider roads where the lifting and lifting work of ordinary structures can meet the ordinary lifting jobs with higher lifting height, higher load capacity and higher working efficiency. It is widely used in many complex jobs, such as construction, urban reconstruction, transportation, port, bridge, oil, etc.

With a four-axle crane chassis and a K-shaped outrigger, the XCT55 features a six-section u-shaped boom, complemented by two lattice booms and concealed double independent winches. Equipped with a low-speed and large torque system, it is equipped with a new energy-saving hydraulic system. the system is mounted with a combined counterweight (or built-in counterweight is available). With the new XCMG G-generation design and the human-made interactive system reaching the automotive level, the XCT 55 takes the lead among the highest performance in the industry, contributing to increased intelligence, energy saving and humanization.

Added high precision pressure cut-off valve to prevent pressure surge during lifting operations, to avoid winch shaking when lowering the hook in case of high hydraulic oil temperature, which greatly improves the reliability of lifting operations. The large displacement engine combined with the oil filling circuit designed for the winch and precise brake control increases the actuation speed in milliseconds and protects against uncontrolled winch speed and prevents the load from slipping when starting the second lift.


The latest control and technology platform with redevelopment system to achieve efficiency and intelligent control, the XCT 55 is equipped with a variety of features such as automatic lift planning, virtual instrument display, automatic multi-language switch, cruise control system and remote lighting.

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