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Auto crane XCMG XCT90 90 T

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Technical parameters

  • XCMG XCT90
  • Brand: XCMG
  • Model: XCT90
  • Load capacity: 90000 kg
  • Overall dimensions: 14370 x2800x3800 mm
  • Max. Permissible weight: 51000 kg
  • Curb weight: 50,850 kg
  • Engine model: MC11. 40-50 WP12.375E50
  • Rated motor power: KW / (r / min) 297/1900 276/1900
  •  Rated motor torque: Nm/(r / min) 1900/1000~1400 1800/1000~140
  • Maximum speed Km / h: 90
  • Min. running speed Km / h: 1.7~3
  •  Turning diameter Min. turning diameter; M 20
  • Min. The turning diameter of the tip of the rod; M 25.2
  • Min. distance from ground Mm; 367
  • Angle of approach°; 21
  • The departure angle ° ; 15
  • Braking distance (at 30 km/h ) ; m ≤10
  • Max. Category ability; % 45
  • Fuel consumption per 100 km L; 45
  • Max. travel standard; 63 mphmi / h 100 km / h
  • Min. turning radius; 24 m
  • Min. Ground clearance; 248 mm
  • Max. overcoming bias: 46%
  • Max. The nominal capacity of 81.6 t
  • Min. Rated working radius; 3 m
  • Max. torque; 3000kN. m
  • Base boom Length : 12.4 m
  • Fully extended boom length: 58m
  • Fully extended boom length + boom Length: 76.3 m
  • Boom installation angle; 0 °, 15 °, 30 °
  • Longitudinal service outriggers : 7400 mm
  • Horizontal service outriggers : 7,500 mm
  • Boom swinging (Lifting) time; 70 s
  • Boom lifting time, sec: 140 
  • Max. turning speed <= 2 rpm
  • Max. The speed of rotation of the main lifting mechanism (One line); 120 m/min
  • Max. the speed of auxiliary hoisting mechanism (One line);         
  • OUTRIGGER beam extension/retracing time (Synchronously on one side: 25s/20s
  • OUTRIGGER connectors expansion/retracing time (Synchronous on one side: 40 s/25
  • Code TN VED; 87051022
  • Steering: Hydraulic steering
  • ABS
  • Boom type: Telescopic
  • Factory warranty: 1 year
  • Manufacturer: XCMG
  • Country of origin: China
  • Factory manufacturer: Xuzhou Construction Machinery Group Co., Ltd
  • Distributor: Official Authorized Distributor in Uzbekistan: NAVOI PROM GRAND.LLC (NPG.LLC)




QY90K, XCT90


Technical parameters 

   XCT90 aerial Platform is designed mainly aimed at the domestic market and take into account the requirements of the international market. It is mounted on a special housing that is suitable for driving on a wide range of roads. It has high lifting height, powerful lifting capacity and high working efficiency.   It iswidely used to cancel operations in General engineering projects, such as in the construction and reconstruction of cities, communications and transport, ports, bridges, oil fields and mine clearance activities and complex working environments. 

The XCT90 truck crane is mounted on a four-wheel truck crane chassis that has an all-wheel steering system and a Smooth-in engine. Six-section boom with oval cross section, U-shaped new single-connection cylinder telescopic system, two-section lattice boom, built-in double independent winch, low speed large torque power system combined counterweight, K-type rolling roller brackets and new hydraulic energy saving system. Jib insert jib and independent of the cylinder head are not required. Intelligent crane boom technology contributes to the safety and reliability of operation. The newly developed appearance and man - machine interactive system are designed to meet the individual needs of users. Its performance plays a leading role in this industry. It is safer and more reliable and energy saving.


Chassis: New full-size enclosed cabin, luxury and comfort. It is designed to be safe, anti-corrosive and shockproof. It is equipped with a windshield providing outstanding visibility, rear mirrors, electric control washer, electronic door and window lifts, indoor humidifier with windscreen defroster, air conditioner, tape recorder, etc

           Outrigger: 4 outriggers, K-shaped arrangement, side and vertical outriggers are controlled by hydraulic control. Both sides of the chassis equip-ed with electronic control panel, console mounted with luminous level, lighting and speed buttons; outrigger cylinders equipped with one-way valve, and vertical outrigger have two-way hydraulic lock. Float size: (outrigger reaction force p450mm at max. lifting load:820KN


Hydraulic system: Designed and manufactured by XCMG; made of high strength steel electric proportional variable pump, driven by engine, used by FBR lifting, elevating and advancing operations. A closed pump is used to drive the slewing operation. Proportional solenoid valve air cooled hydraulic oil cooler oil tank capacity:840


Transmission: 10jsd180tb Manual transmission, produced by Shaanxi Fast Gear Co., Ltd.. manual flexible shaft control, 10-forward speed and 2-reverse speed with synchronizer.


Working mode: Pilot electric proportional control is used for controlling the super structure. Also used is PLC integrated intelligent control technology, and CANBus control network. Besides the normal control function, real-time monitoring, fault diagnosis and fuzzy inquiry of working condition are available


Main winch system: Hydraulic control is used for speed adjustment. The system is driven by hydraulic motor through planetary gear reducer, with normally closed brake, balanced valve and equipped calibrated drum.


Suspension: leaf spring balanced Suspensions are adopted by fbr front axle, and double longitudinal arm leaf spring balanced suspensions are adopted for rear axle.


Auxiliary winch system: Hydraulic control is used for speed adjustment. The system is driven by hydraulic motor through planetary gear reducer, with normally closed brake, balanced valve and equipped calibrated drum



Tires: 8 tire and 1 spare Tire, each axle is equipped with a single tire, manufactured by double coin, large bearing capacity. Tire specifications: 385 / 95R25


Rotary system: single-row four-point external ball contact tooth slewing Ring is driven by hydraulic motor, through planetary gear reducer, with normally closed, and can continuously rotate 360° power Control or free slewing function, slewing speed can be infinitely adjusted.


Brakes: service Brake: foot pedal operated double-circuit air pressure brake. The first circuit acts on the wheels of axes 1 and 2; the second circuit acts on the wheels of axes 3 and 4. Parking brake: the air brake acting on the 3rd and 4th axes, it works through a spring-loaded air chamber on each axis. Auxiliary brake: engine exhaust brake and engine retarder brake.


Lifting system: Single cylinder; balance valve with load compensation function. A newly designed way, which combines an external oil pressure controlled free fall with a rod chamber pressure controlled balance valve


 Operator cabin: Steel cabin. The cabin has a full-screen front window, safety glass, sliding door, adjustable seat, and it can be rotated 20 degrees. It is equipped with sun screen, wipers, top fence, pull-out step, load moment limiter, accelerator pedal, activate switch, air conditioner, etc. 2kg fire extinguisher is used for domestic market and 6kg fire extinguisher is used for export.


Safety device: Hydraulic balancing valve; hydraulic safety valve; two-way hydraulic unit valve; load torque limiter; rope end limiter; height limiter; anemometer; winch chamber


Combined counterweight

Total weight-29 tons.

The configuration of the counterweight: 6.5 t, 15.5 t 21.6 t and 29 t