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Autocrane XCMG QY100KS 100 tonn


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Technical parameters


  • Brand: XCMG
  • Model:QY100KS
  • Environmental class: EURO5
  • Load capacity (kg): 100000
  • Number of axles: 6
  • Overall dimensions (LxWxH) (mm): 15600x3000x3850
  • Maximum torque (N * m/(rpm)): 2100/1200
  • Maximum engine speed (rpm): 1900
  • Minimum ground clearance (mm): 310
  • Curb weight (kg): 54900/58000 (with counterweight)
  • Gross weight, kg: 58000
  • Maximum speed (km / h): 75
  • Engine model: WD615/ Cummins /WP12.460E50 (EURO V) /338kw
  • Environmental class: Euro V
  • Engine power, HP 324/1800/
  • Engine capacity, CC: 11596
  • Engine type: Diesel
  • Fuel consumption per 100km / l: 70
  • Fuel tank capacity, l: 400
  • Cooling system type: Water cooling
  • Max. torque, Nm / Rev/min: 1800/1000-1400
  • Ground clearance, mm: 315
  • Minimum turning radius (m): 3
  • The distribution of weight on the rear axle, kg: 13000/13000
  • Weight distribution on the front axle, kg: 10000/10000
  • wheelbase between axles 1,2,3,4,5: mm: 2950h1800h1420h1505
  • Axle load 1,2,3,4,5,6 (kg): 7500h7500h8300h12000h12000h76200
  • Axle load with counterweight 1,2,3,4,5,6 (kg): 7500h7500h10000h12500h12500h800kg
  • Boom length (m): 13.5
  • Jib length, (m): 18.1+4
  • Length of fully extended boom: 51 m
  • Length of fully extended boom + gander: 71 m
  • Jib deflection (°): 0-15-30
  • Boom full lift time (s): 75
  • Boom extension time (s): 160
  • The speed of rotation of the platform (rpm): 2
  • Front overhang angle (°): 23
  • Rear overhang angle (°): 15
  • Braking distance (at 30 km/h) (m): ≤10
  • The turning radius at the outermost points of the counterweight (mm): 4200
  • The nomination and installing outriggers, the outrigger arm, unfolding/folding (s): 25/15
  • Extension and installation of outriggers, outrigger support, unfolding / folding (C): 45/25
  • Maximum winch speed(first line at 4th level) of main winch (m): 105
  • Maximum winch speed (first line at 4th level) auxiliary winch (m): 104
  • Turning radius on the protruding points of the auxiliary winch(mm): 4590
  • Maximum load of folded boom (kN*m): 3450 (4 m x 88 t)
  • Maximum load of fully extended boom (kN*m): 1950 (24 m x 7.1 t)
  • Maximum load of fully extended and jib jib (kN*m): 1230 (19.2 m x 6 t)
  • Outrigger longitudinal span (mm): 7560
  • Outrigger lateral span (mm): 7600
  • Minimum turning diameter (m): 24
  • Overall wheelbase (mm): 1420+2420+1800+1420+1505
  • wheel formula: 12 x 6
  • Tire size: 12. 00R24
  • Number of tires: 14
  • Number of seats in the cabin: 3
  • Steering: steering wheel 
  • Leaf springs: 9 / 9 / 5 / 5 / 7
  • Steering: Hydraulic steering
  • ABS
  • Boom type: Telescopic
  • Factory warranty: 1 year
  • Manufacturer: XCMG
  • Country of origin: China
  • Factory manufacturer: Xuzhou Construction Machinery Group Co., Ltd
  • Distributor: Official Authorized Distributor in Uzbekistan: NAVOI PROM GRAND.LLC (NPG.LLC)


QY100K, QY100KS, QY100K-I, QAY100, XCT100, XCA100



The new model of Chinese truck crane XCMG QY100KS has become especially popular in Uzbekistan. In a large area of our vast country, weather conditions are very changeable, atmospheric phenomena are irreconcilable and uncontrollable, resistant to intense heat . Therefore, Chinese experts are seriously concerned about the problem of developing universal special equipment that can work effectively even in such difficult conditions. And here, we bring to Your attention a truck crane XCMG QY100KS.

This is the ideal self-propelled machine with a high level of load capacity, able to cope with the work of any complexity in any weather. In order to achieve high cross-country performance and ensure reliable stability of the crane on various shaky soils, the design was equipped with a chassis on 6 axes. And for effective crane work in areas with uneven terrain, including mountainous areas, it was equipped with telescopic supports that can be extended to any length-the legs easily adapt to the characteristics of the territory and are securely fixed.

In addition, special attention is paid to the equipment of cabins for personnel-the creation of comfortable working conditions for the driver and operator in severe winters and muggy summers add to the attractiveness of the crane in the eyes of buyers. Both cabins have Autonomous climate control systems that maintain the most comfortable temperature and microclimate inside.

The beauty of this truck crane is in its strength. It is able to move 100 tons with a single movement! To move such impressive loads at a height of 66 meters became possible thanks to the joystick control system. Due to the high accuracy, the error when installing the load in place is reduced to only a few centimeters. It is easy to guess that from the operator at such a moment does not require special stress, accurate eye calculation and additional efforts to control the crane systems. The development and use of joysticks in Chinese cranes makes it possible to shift the most complex actions of the operator to electronic equipment, which is specially programmed and has a logical controller. This increases the efficiency of work, reduces the impact of the human factor on the result.

installation of powerful engines that have Euro4 and EURO5 environmental certificate;
exclusive boom of sliding type and section with oval profile;
the counterweight is included, automatically installed and is combined;
the crane operator's cab can be tilted for a better view.
Especially pay attention to the high level of reliability and safety, crane XCMG with the installation of a system consisting of several devices fixed free play for the cable, is limited to cargo automatically stops the load when the limit is reached the lifting height and much more.

The model under the index QY100KS is a highway 100 ton truck crane capable of solving a very wide range of tasks. It can be used for loading and unloading operations of high complexity, installation of equipment for the gas and oil sector, as well as for other works where the capabilities of General construction fifty-ton cranes are not enough.

Despite its impressive dimensions, this 100 t crane is quite maneuverable and can operate in limited space. Therefore, it is often used by road construction companies for the construction of dams, bridges and overpasses.

All important units on jib cranes of 100 tons are duplicated: the crane installation is powered by two winches, which are powered by two diesel engines. It not only increases reliability, but also allows to save a resource of power units. When lifting small loads, only one winch can be turned on, and in severe cases, full power is used.

The controls are very simple and intuitive. In addition, the "smart" electronics of the crane 100 t helps the operator, insures him from accidental errors and ensures safety.


BOOM: 5-section telescopic U-shaped made of high-strength steel, length from 13.5 m to 51 m. Telescoping with two cylinders.

BOOM LIFT: Single hydraulic cylinder with safety valve (-2 to +80 degrees).

LOAD TORQUE LIMITER: Hirschmann load torque Limiter with automatic lifting mechanism shutdown with digital indicator to display actual and permissible load, radius, telescoping and other operating parameters.

CRANE CAB: cab with panoramic glazing, equipped with safety glass, spotlight, wipers, opening door and side window, sun visor, sprung ergonomic chair with headrest. The cabin is equipped with a computer and joysticks pilot control crane installation. Metal protection of the front and top of the cabin. Audio-visual warning system overload. Air conditioning, heater.

CRANE ROTATION SYSTEM: 360 degree Rotation, axial piston hydraulic motor with planetary gear, working and Parking brake. Rotation speed from 0 to 2.0 rpm.

COUNTERWEIGHT: a Weight of 22.2 tons.

HYDRAULIC SYSTEM: variable displacement Axial piston pump, load-sensing.Hydraulic tank with liquid level indicator. Filter contamination sensor, system pressure monitoring fittings, hydraulics cooler. Hydraulic tank with a capacity of 1100 liters.

MAIN WINCH: Axial piston pump with planetary gear, automatic multi-disc brake and rotation indicator. The winch is equipped with a rope length of 240 m and a diameter of 22 mm.

ADDITIONAL WINCH: Axial piston pump with planetary gear, automatic multi-disc brake and rotation indicator. The winch is equipped with a rope length of 160 m and a diameter of 22 mm.

SAFETY DEVICES: Limit switches (limiters) for lifting and lowering the hook, check valves on the boom lift cylinder, bypass valves.

CHASSIS: 12x6x8

OUTRIGGERS: Four hydraulically retractable beams, with vertical cylinders and supports. Fifth additional support with a vertical cylinder, located under the chassis cabin. Independent control of horizontal and vertical movement. Control supports on both sides of the crane. Level control.

CRANE ENGINE: 6-cylinder inline diesel engine VOLVO PENTA (Shanghai) Engine Co., Ltd., model TAD720VE, rated at 174/2300 kW / rpm. Circulating water cooling system; hour meter.