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Autocrane XCMG QY110K 110 tonn

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Technical parameters


  • Brand: XCMG
  • Model: QY110K
  • Environmental class: EURO3 - EURO5
  • Load capacity: 110000 kg          
  • Curb weight: 54770 kg             
  • Gross weight: 54900 kg             
  • Overall size (LxWxH) mm: 14800x3000x3920
  • Engine model: WP12.460N
  • Engine displacement, CC: 11596
  • Engine power, kW: 338
  • Fuel: diesel
  • Fuel consumption per 100 km (l): ~75
  • Maximum speed: 80 km / h
  • Number of cylinders: 6           
  • Min. turning diameter m: 24
  • Min. distance from ground mm: 300
  • Axle weight distribution: 7500 kg / 7500 kg / 8300 kg / 12000 kg / 12000 kg / 7600 kg
  • Wheelbase, mm: 1420+2420+1800+1420+1505
  • Front / rear track mm: 2610 / 2610/2610/2315/2315/2610
  • Overhang front / rear mm: 2550x2225
  • Angle of approach: 20 °
  • Entry angle (front overhang): 14°
  • Main boom length (m): 12.8
  • Jib length, (m): 18.1
  • Length of fully extended main boom (m): 58
  • Length of fully extended boom + jib (m): 76.1
  • Boom lifting time (s): 60          
  • Total boom extension time (s): 600        
  • The maximum speed of rotation of the platform (ex./m): 1.9         
  • Lifting speed (single row) main winch full load (m / min): 105        
  • Lifting speed (single row) auxiliary winch full load (m / min): 105        
  • Number of axes: 6
  • Number of tires: 16
  • Tire dimension: 12. 00R24
  • Leaf springs: 8 / 8 / 13 / 5 / 5 / 7
  • Number of seats in the cabin: 2
  • Steering: Hydraulic steering
  • ABS
  • Boom type: Telescopic
  • Factory warranty: 1 year
  • Manufacturer: XCMG
  • Country of origin: China
  • Factory manufacturer: Xuzhou Construction Machinery Group Co., Ltd
  • Distributor: Official Authorized Distributor in Uzbekistan: NAVOI PROM GRAND.LLC (NPG.LLC)





QY110K,, QY100K-I, , XCT110, XCA100



XCMG qy110k truck crane uses six-axle chassis, six-section section U shape boom.

1. Advanced boom lifting technology.
Innovative boom system with inserted sliders, plug-in module at the end of the boom patented technology and world advanced U - shaped cross section of the boom makes excellent load capacity, safe and reliable lifting operation.
2. Telescopic technology
Exclusive telescoping technology prevents the occurrence of major pipe bends, oil cylinder bends and boom, resulting in improper operation, and therefore improves the operation safety of the crane.
3. Loading sensitive system diagram.
Eight patented technologies ensure smooth movement, high efficiency & economy of lifting, turning and lifting mechanisms.
Normal hydraulic oil temperature ensures stable operation and long service life.
4. A traditional diagram of the operating system.
Higher hydraulic oil temperatures ensures unstable operation and short service life.
5. Motor for more lift.
The large volume of the motor guarantees to realize additional work in one time.
The new hydraulic motor with high torque also gives a greater safe operation of the additional load lifting.
6. Crane control safety
The load torque limiter and color LCD display uses intelligent problem diagnosis, and displays real-time
7. Cabin
Ergonomic cabin design for the driver and crane operator, provides ample space and comfortable operations.
8. Production technology
Six specialized processing technologies ensure high quality products.

The QY100K is a 100 ton XCMG heavy lift crane, it is with XCMG designed and produced truck chassis with full wide cab, 12x6x8 drive/steer.

It is with 5 section u shape boom and 2 section grid jib.

Main features:

1. The unique two-span lever suspension system of the rear axle, as well as bridges 1, 2, 3 and 6 for steering, bridges 3, 5 and 6 for driving. The carrier has the characteristics of flexible steering and powerful driving force.

2. The specialized cross section U-type boom has the characteristics of light dead weight, better strength and strong lifting capacity.

3. Advanced built-in boom head, strong structural members and lower sliders with larger area contribute to better load-bearing capacity and smoother telescoping movement, and effectively prevent boom torsion after side loading.

4. The unique self-assembled counterweight system with multi-options contributes to approximately 420 lifting applications under boom working conditions.

5. Excellent structural element optimized technology, makes 100t lifting performance with 55t deadweight of crane possible.

6. Exclusive MATLAB simulation optimized control program and speed control function contribute to smooth movement, stable control and high efficient operation.

7. Intelligent fault self-diagnosis system is available.

8. Excellent welding technology for structural elements. Welding robot with advanced process used for key welding makes reliable quality products.