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Autocrane XCMG QAY200 200T

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XCMG QAY200 all-terrain mobile crane

  • Brand: XCMG
  • Model: QAY200
  • Environmental class: EURO 3-4-5
  • Payload: 200,000 kg (200 T)
  • Curb weight: 71000 kg
  • Gross weight: 72000kg
  • Overall size (LxWxH) mm: 16130x3000x4000
  • Engine Model: TAD720VE / OM460LA.E3A / 1 / OM502LA.III / 3
  • Displacement, cc: 7150/11967/15928
  • Engine power, kW: 162/2100 / 380/1800 / 390 (531)
  • Rated Engine Torque (N.m / (rpm)): 854/1400 / 2400/1080
  • Fuel: diesel
  • Fuel tank: 360 l / 280 l
  • Hydraulic tank: 1100 l
  • Fuel consumption per 100 km (l): ~ 80
  • Maximum speed 71 km / h /
  • Number of Cylinders: 6/8
  • Min turning diameter m: 24
  • Min distance from ground mm: 278
  • Axle gross weight distribution (1,2,3,4,5,6): 11750 kg / 11750 kg 11750 kg / 11850 kg / 11850 kg / 11900 kg / 11900 kg
  • Wheelbase (mm): 2750/1650/2000/1650/1650
  • Front / rear track mm: 2790 + 2590 + 2590 + 2590 + 2590
  • Front / rear overhang mm: 2525X 2240
  • Approach Angle: 23 °
  • Angle of entry (front overhang): 18 °
  • Minimum estimated working radius (m) 3
  • Turning Radius (m): 4.85
  • Length of main boom (m): 13.8
  • Jib length, (m): 20
  • Length of fully extended primary boom (m): 61.5
  • Length of fully extended boom + jib (m): 82.1
  • Boom Lift Time (s): 90
  • Full time boom extension (s): 550
  • The maximum speed of rotation of the platform (arr. / M): 1.9
  • Lifting speed (in one line) main winch full load (m / min): 120
  • Lifting speed (in one line) auxiliary winch full load (m / min): 110
  • Number of axles: 6
  • Number of tires: 12
  • Tire dimension: 385 / 95R25
  • Leaf springs: 8/8/13/5/5 /
  • Number of seats in the cabin: 3
  • Steering: Hydraulic Steering Wheel
  • ABS
  • Boom Type: Telescopic XCMG XZJ5557JQAY200
  • Factory Warranty: 1 Year
  • Manufacturer: XCMG
  • Country of manufacture: China
  • Plant manufacturer: Xuzhou Construction Machinery Group Co., Ltd
  • Distributor: Official Authorized Distributor in Uzbekistan: NAVOI PROM GRAND.LLC (NPG.LLC)







XCMG QAY200 off-road mobile all-wheel drive truck crane

 The XCMG QAY200 all-wheel drive crane is ideal for installation and lifting operations in rural and urban road conditions, as well as in ports, docks and other difficult conditions.

The XCMG QAY200 all-wheel drive crane is ideal for installation and lifting operations in rural and urban road conditions, as well as in ports, docks and other difficult conditions.

Complete set and characteristics of the all-wheel drive XCMG QAY200 crane

  The crane is equipped with an all-wheel drive all-terrain six-axle chassis. The model has control of three front and two rear axles, a minimum turning radius and a large span of the outrigger. During maneuvering on a narrow section, you can raise the third and fourth bridge, the fifth and sixth bridge is controlled separately. The crane is equipped with a transmission with 16 forward and 2 reverse gears. The transmission can work both automatically and in manual mode. Specialized hydropneumatic suspension makes it possible to automatically level the car and make the ride as convenient and comfortable as possible.

The four-wheel drive crane QAY200 is equipped with a two-stage double H-type type of outriggers. A telescopic sectional boom of a U-shaped ovoid profile, as well as a cylinder for lifting the boom, a two-section jib, a winch, removable counterweights, an independent crane engine, and a rotary mechanism are located on a full-rotary platform.

The boom of the crane is made of high strength steel plates. It is controlled automatically by a telescopic cylinder and an internal locking system. The control of operations on the superstructure is handled by an electro-hydraulic pilot proportional control system. Using a logical programmable controller, a CAN-based control network between the superstructure and the lower structure allows you to control the entire crane together with standard electrical elements. The XCMG mobile crane on the QAY200 all-wheel drive chassis is equipped with a hydraulic valve block with a modular structure and a variable volume complex, which ensures good efficiency.

You can independently control the main and secondary winch. The crane has a highly configurable high-performance base winch engine; the optional winch is quickly removed and installed. The machine is equipped with a soft swivel mechanism. The buffer valve provides easy sliding and control.

The crane is equipped with an automatic torque limiter with the ability to diagnose problems. The XCMG QAY200 all-wheel drive truck has protection systems for over-tightening and abrupt release, a lift limiter, an anemometer, a rod and a level gauge for the outrigger support, as well as indicator lamps, which make the operation completely safe and reliable.

The XCMG QAY200 mobile crane combines excellent lifting characteristics with increased cross-country ability, which leads to a wide area of ​​its application. Like the XCMG QAY160, the XCMG QAY200 is mounted on a four-wheel drive all-terrain chassis and adapted to work in difficult conditions. The crane has a lifting capacity of 200 tons and is able to lift cargo to a height of 82.1 meters.


Operational advantages

Crane installation

The six-section telescopic boom of the XCMG QAY200 crane has an oval profile, which provides high strength and reliability of the lifting mechanism with a relatively low wall thickness and weight. The boom is made of high-quality Weldox Donex steel and equipped with a 2-section jib, removable counterweights, a winch and a swivel mechanism. The extension of the boom sections is carried out thanks to the block system and one hydraulic cylinder.

A powerful turbocharged MERSEDES-BENZ OM502LA engine meeting Euro-3 standard is installed on the XCMG QAY200 crane installation. The cold start system facilitates quick engine starting at temperatures up to –40 ° C.

Truck crane winches (main and auxiliary) are independent of each other and can be operated both one at a time and simultaneously. The central lubrication system facilitates the maintenance of the XCMG QAY200 truck crane and increases the durability of the equipment. Thanks to the presence of a buffer valve, the rotary mechanism works smoothly and gently, the range of crane work is 360 °.


The four-wheel drive chassis of the QAY200 is designed to provide the vehicle with excellent driving performance and maneuverability. Independent bridge management allows this auto giant to deploy with a radius of 24 meters. Like the XCMG QAY300 model, the XCMG QAY200 truck crane is equipped with the powerful reliable Cummins engine (Euro-3).

The QAY200 truck crane transmission has 16 forward and 2 reverse gears. Depending on the road conditions, you can use the automatic or manual gearshift mode. Hydropneumatic suspension automatically adjusts the clearance, adapting the chassis to the characteristics of the road surface.

Like other multi-tonnage Chinese XCMG truck cranes, the XCMG QAY200 model is characterized by excellent stability due to the design of remote telescopic supports, each of which is controlled independently and can be used with full or incomplete extension.

Comfort and ease of use

The crane operator's cab can tilt back and forth by 23 °. Ergonomic shape and panoramic glazing provide full visibility, which positively affects the convenience of operating the QAY200 crane. To create comfortable working conditions, an autonomous climate control system is installed in the cabin, there is a CD player and a fan.

Performing even complex crane operations does not require physical effort: two sensitive joysticks transmit operator commands to the proportional electro-hydraulic control system. The communication between the hydraulics and the control panel is provided by the high-speed CAN bus.


The QAY200 truck crane is equipped with a wide range of systems that increase the reliability and safety of operation. In particular, the crane has a load moment limiter with an auto-diagnostic function, a protection device that trips when the maximum mass of the cargo is exceeded, a cable free-wheel limiter, a level monitor for outriggers and other safety devices.

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