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Front loader XCMG LW300KN 1.8m3

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Technical parameters

XCMG LW300KN front loader


  • Manufacturer: XCMG
  • Model: LW300KN
  • Load capacity (kg): 3000
  • Bucket capacity (m3): 1.8
  • Overall dimensions (LxWxH) (mm): 7245 × 2482 × 3320
  • Curb weight (kg): 10600+200
  • Engine type: diesel
  • Engine : Yuchai / / Weichai 
  • Engine model: YC6J125Z-T22 / / WP6G125E201
  • Type: Vertical, inline, 4 stroke, direct injection, water cooling
  • Power, (kW / HP): 92/125 / / 92 (2200) 
  • Fuel consumption (g / kW.h): 195
  • Noise level (dB): 97
  • Maximum tractive effort (kN): ≥100
  • Maximum breakaway force (kN): ≥130
  • Control: Joystick 
  • Total duty cycle time (s): 9.8
  • Boom lift time (s): 5.60
  • Bucket reach (mm): 1104
  • Minimum turning radius (mm): 6067
  • Tires: 17.5-25
  • Wheelbase (mm): 2900
  • Number of axles: 2
  • Forward speed (km / h):               
  • 1 gear - 10
  • 2 gear - 16
  • 3 gear - 21
  • 4 gear - 35
  • The main parameters of the bucket device  
  • Unloading height (mm): 2930
  • Dump distances (mm): 1010
  • Maximum bucket separation force (kN): ≥120   
  • The main parameters of the jaw gripper device for the forest 
  • Unloading height (mm): 3043 
  • Dump distances (mm): 2036 
  • Width (mm): 590
  • Maximum opening (mm): 1700  
  • The main parameters of the device clip      
  • Bucket width (mm): 2650
  • Discharge distance (straight/side) discharge (mm): 1104/183
  • Lifting height (straight/side) reset (mm): 5120/6052 
  • The main parameters of the device forks   
  • Fork folding angle: 20°
  • Mount length (mm): 1575
  • Mounting width (mm): 1980
  • Mounting height (mm): 1200
  • Canine teeth length (mm): 1050
  • Fuel tank l: 150
  • Hydraulic tank l: 175
  • Engine oil volume l: 20
  • Oil volume in gearboxes l: 32
  • The amount of oil in gear box l : 25
  • Number of seats in the cabin: 1
  • Factory warranty: 1 year
  • Manufacturer: XCMG
  • Country of origin: China
  • Factory manufacturer: Xuzhou Construction Machinery Group Co., Ltd
  • Distributor: Official Authorized Distributor in Uzbekistan: NAVOI PROM GRAND.LLC (NPG.LLC)


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XCMG LW300KN front loader (Joystick )

    Loader front type XCMG LW300KN Joystick, air conditioning, cold start System.
The lw300kn front loader is an updated and improved model of the ZL30 version. Improvements, in particular, is to increase the efficiency of the loader, its capacity, service life, as well as ease of operation. In addition, the new model is better protected from corrosion.
Loader LW300KN is a universal machine produced by the famous Chinese concern Xuzhou Construction Machinery Group Inc., which is an effective assistant in the implementation of various works: loading and unloading, earthmoving, transport, as well as works related to lumpy or bulk materials. The XCMG LW300KN model is most commonly used in the construction, agricultural and road industries.
As for the main technical characteristics of this device, the loader XCMG LW300KN boasts the following indicators: a significant load capacity of several tons with a relatively small volume of the bucket (in the basic configuration), a maximum speed of movement (4 gears), improved maximum traction and high engine power.
       The main working mechanism of the loader is a bucket with special teeth. If necessary, it can be changed to any buckets suitable for a particular type of work. It might just be the buckets of a different size, as well as dozer blades, forks or grips. Front loader LW300KN is extremely easy to re-equip, which, in turn, guarantees the versatility of the device and its multi-profile, because with its help it is possible to perform almost any construction and loading works.
XCMG LW300KN front loader is equipped with a powerful diesel engine brand Weichai WP6G125, as well as a modern transmission planetary hydraulic XCMG. The two drive axles can guarantee the loader's high cross-country capability and efficiency even in extremely difficult operating conditions.

   XCMG pays special attention not only to the mechanical equipment of the front loader, but also to the appearance (the model has a stylish design), and comfortable placement of the driver (adjustable seat and steering column with control unit, excellent visibility).
Specialists of the company provide convenient maintenance of the loader. In particular, a large side door in the hood provides easy access to the engine, most of the parts used are easy to replace.
Model LW300KN, the price of which corresponds to the quality, is in demand in the construction industry. It is a convenient assistant that can significantly simplify and speed up the process of construction and loading works.

  K-series forklifts, produced by XCMG (Xugong) for decades of experience, efforts to create the latest series of products. Performance and work efficiency, which increases the service life, scheduled maintenance. The achievement of transmission parts, covering two revolutionary breakthrough in contrast to similar products. XCMG LW300KN planetary gear loaders, meets the high strength, high load environment.

Excellent performance
Tractive effort: The powerful 12 ton bucket pull-off force ensures adaptation to various harsh conditions. The powerful lifting force of the boom from 7-ton ensures that the machine can meet different load working methods.
Stability of operation: the long wheelbase is 2900 mm, the length of the overall loader is 7250 mm, in terms of reliability in operation.
Smooth motion: centered wheelbase design, there is no speed difference between the front and rear wheels, smooth rotation, which can reduce tire wear and tear.

High efficiency
Performance: the total device time is 9.8 seconds, leading the industry.
High speed: reasonable gear arrangement, 1 gear 15km / h, 2 gear 40km / h, which led the first place in the industry in terms of performance.
Easy to operate: small turning radius, full hydraulic steering, lightweight and efficient.
Sufficient power: famous engine, power more full use, efficient fuel economy.

High strength
Strong structural load, used front and rear frame box type, thick plate has high strength.
Key elements are used, finite element analysis, in order for the machine to be able to adapt to different types of hazardous working conditions.
Large distance between the upper and lower hinge plate, large wheelbase. The machine has higher strength and reliability of operation.
The weight of the machine reaches 10.6 tons, length 7.25 m.

Long service life
The key hinge position functions two-stage dustproof, reduces wear and increases long service life.
Wear-resistant knife and bucket teeth increase long service life.
The hydraulic channel is applied 24° cone-shaped sealing ring, solves the issue of oil leakage.
The fuel tube is equipped with insulation tube protection, which prolonging the service life.
High factor loading of the bucket.
Long lower part of the bucket, sharp bucket type, easily cut, of various materials.
Reduce opening angle, reduces cross-section, easily pushes and lifts.

Convenient maintenance
The independent chamber design of the hydraulic oil tank ensures the oil return circuit and provides ease of maintenance. The hood applies large side doors lifting up, showing a large opening angle, and provides easy access to the engine. The classic dead axle transmission shows durability, stability and ease of maintenance. Parts of the part can be easily replaced.

Comfortable control
The cabin has luxurious decorations, large spaces and excellent visibility. The adjustable seat provide the functions of comfort and elegance. The main achievements in the leading level of the industry. XCMG launches vehicle manufacturing technology first in China, including metal part cover and electrophoretic coating, and showing high residual value.

Two breakthroughs in industry
Internal breakthrough: with regard to General transmission issues, XCMG gives a significant improvement in terms of throughput and reliability, the service life of the main parts is greatly extended.
External breakthrough: XCMG begins automotive manufacturing technology first in China, including metal part cover and mold pressing, welding and ripple electrophoretic coating.