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Front loader XCMG LW500FN 3m3

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Technical parameters

XCMG LW500FN front loader 5 tons, 3 cubic meters


  • Manufacturer: XCMG
  • Model: LW500FN
  • Load capacity (kg): 5000 (5tonn)
  • Bucket volume (m3): 3
  • Overall dimensions (LxWxH) (mm): 8000x3016x3515
  • Curb weight (kg): 16700
  • Engine type: diesel
  • Engine : Weichai 
  • Engine model: WD10G220E23 / / WD615G. 220
  • Type: Vertical, inline, 4-stroke, direct injection, water cooling
  • Power, (kW / HP): 162 //162
  • Rated speed, (rpm): 2200 // 2200
  • Fuel consumption (g / kW.h): 238
  • Noise level (DB): 97
  • Maximum tractive effort (kN): ≥90
  • Control: Lever
  • Maximum speed (km / h): 38
  • Total operating cycle time (s): 11
  • Boom lift time (s): 5.65
  • Bucket reach (mm): 1104
  • Minimum turning radius (mm): 6950
  • Tires: 23.5-25
  • Wheelbase (mm): 2900
  • Forward speed (km / h):               
  • 1 gear -13.5
  • 2 transmission - 17
  • 3 transfer - 21
  • 4 transmission-38
  • Reverse speed (km / h): 
  • 1 gear - 13.5
  • 2 transmission-38
  • Main parameters of the bucket device  
  • Loading height (mm): 3090
  • Dump distances (mm): 1130
  • Digging depth (mm): 80
  • Maximum bucket separation force (kN): ≥175
  • Bucket width (mm): 3000
  • Transmission: Automatic
  • Clutch: ZF F&5340
  • Clutch type: single-level three-element
  • The diameter of the clutch cylinder from XCMG LW500FN: 340 mm
  • Clutch conversion rate: 2.55
  • Cooling the clutch through the oil circulation
  • Brake system: hydraulic for 4 wheels
  • Working system boom cylinders: 160 x 850 mm
  • Working system bucket tilt cylinders 180 x 585 mm
  • Air Conditioning: Yes
  • Fuel tank (LT): 230
  • Engine oil (LT): 20
  • Hydraulic oil (LT): 200  
  • Carob oil (LT): 45        
  • Number of seats in the cabin: 1 (Suite)
  • Factory warranty: 1 year
  • Manufacturer: XCMG
  • Country of origin: China
  • Factory manufacturer: Xuzhou Construction Machinery Group Co., Ltd
  • Distributor: Official Authorized Distributor in Uzbekistan: NAVOI PROM GRAND.LLC (NPG.LLC)


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XCMG LW500FN front loader

XCMG LW500FN-loading machine with great potential. This is an effective device that will meet the needs of most professional users. The equipment is designed for a wide range of tasks, and supports a wide range of attachments. XCMG has successfully tested its flagship model, which has demonstrated decent performance against the background of the nearest analogues. The car is well assembled and well equipped, and rightly deserves the most positive feedback from potential customers. Consider the possibilities and advantages of the front loader LW500FN, as well as its parameters, characteristics and cost.

The 16.7-ton XCMG LW500FN front loader is equipped with a Chinese-made Tier 2 diesel engine. This is a budget model from one of the most famous enterprises from China

The list of attachments offered by the manufacturer includes buckets of various sizes (a three-cube bucket is installed as standard), forks, jaw gripper or blade. In addition, a bucket for side loading is available.

The XCMG LW500FN front loader is equipped with a Weichai engine of the WD10G220E23 model. Diesel power at 2,000 rpm is 162 kW (maximum value). The power unit is certified in accordance with the requirements of the Tier 2 standard. Engine type-vertical, inline, four-stroke. Traditionally, there is direct injection, cooling - water.

The following fuel and oil consumption values are specified as standard by the manufacturer: 238 and 2 g / kWh, respectively. The fuel tank holds up to 230 liters of fuel, the engine oil is filled in a volume of 20 liters.

The maximum pulling force that the XCMG LW500FN front loader is capable of is 110 kN. The pull-out force can reach 175 kN.

The XCMG LW500FN loader is equipped with two leading axles manufactured by Meritor, USA. The maximum turning radius on the extreme dimensions is 6,172 mm, the angle of the hinge joint is 35 degrees, the swing angle of the rear axle is 12 degrees. The wheelbase is 2,900 mm. the Maximum slope that XCMG LW500FN can overcome is 28 degrees. The size of the tires - 23.5-25.

The speed characteristics of the LW500FN model are as follows. When moving from one work site to another, the machine can accelerate up to 38 km / h (third gear). When moving back, only two gears are available, the maximum value is 16.5 km / h. If we talk about the time that is given to perform work operations, the full working cycle takes 9.9 s. At the same time, the boom is given 5.5 s.

Filling tanks: the oil in the box is filled in a volume of 45 l, working hydraulic oil - 200 l.

The manufacturer preferred a hydro-mechanical transmission with continuously variable gearshift under load. The clutch is installed from the company ZF, the clutch type is single - level three-element. Cooling is performed by circulating oil.

The reliability of the XCMG LW500FN loader design is provided by the rear half - frame made of steel sheet, the welding method is argon-arc. The hood also has a steel frame.

As with other models in this class, the LW500FN uses mechanical levers to control the loader. Joysticks are available on special order. The front loader XCMG LW500FN has a hydraulic brake system (4 wheels).

The front boom cylinders are 160x850 mm in size, and the bucket tilt cylinders are 180x585 mm.

The XCMG LW500FN loader comes with an adjustable seat in the standard configuration. Air conditioning is available as an additional option.

In addition, we note that the height of unloading materials is just over 3 meters-3,090 mm. This allows you to perform both loading of dump trucks and bunkers in the production of asphalt concrete.

The discharge distance reaches 1,130 mm and the digging depth (limit value) is 80 mm.

If you compare with the previously released versions of the front loader, the LW500FN has been simplified access to the engine compartment (it is carried out through the wide side doors). In addition, there was a filler neck of the lubrication system of the transmission and removable protective covers of the brake calipers. And to measure the pressure in the hydraulic lines, there are taps with plugs, brought under the cabin.

The manufacturer offers options XCMG LW500FN with a working base of increased length, as well as with an arrow with a much higher discharge height.