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Tractor HOWO 420 CNG

Technical parameters


  • brand       HOWO SINOTRUCK 
  • Model        ZZ4257N3847C1C
  • Manufacturer     China National Heavy Duty Truck Group (Китай)
  • Type                tractor Truck
  • Manufacturer country            China
  • Engine                        
  • Engine model        - T12, 42 -50
  • Engine capacity            8 CC
  • Engine power               HP 420
  • Fuel -                           Methane gas
  • Environmental standard-    Euro 3
  • Maximum speed Km / h           102
  • The number of gas cylinders pieces.                   l 8 x 150 LT ECER 110
  • Whole and size                
  • Overall dimensions (length*width*height)            mm 7390 × 2496 × 3730
  • Curb weight Kg                      9210
  • Total weight Kg                      25000
  • Gross weight with load kg     40 000
  • Load of saddle Kg          
  • Distribution of the total mass on the axes Kg          
  • Wheelbase and track               
  • Wheel arrangement        - 6x4
  • Wheel base mm               3825 + 1350
  • Front track mm        
  • Rear track mm        
  • Overhang front and rear                           
  • Overhang front mm             1500
  • Rear overhang mm             700
  • Saddle-                                 90#
  • HW19712 transmission, 12 speed, the ratio of 11.80
  • Clutch mm 430
  • Front and rear overhang angles                          
  • Angle of the front overhang, deg.     - HF9, drum brake
  • Angle of the rear overhang, deg.           -              HF9
  • Wheels and tires                              
  • Axis row 3
  • Bus PC.         10+1passable
  • Tire size-8.5/12. 00R20-WJ Metal cord (20 layer)
  • Additional                         
  • Steering - Hydraulic, ZF German
  • Leaf springs PCs         4/12,9/12,4/-,3/12,3/-,3/5
  • System-ABC.  WABCO
  • LT 400 fuel tank
  • 24W electrical system
  • Cubicle                             
  • Model - HW 79, high roof
  • Number of seats in the cab PCs         2,3
  • Air conditioning is available
  • Factory warranty: 1 year
  • Manufacturer: SINOTRUCK HOWO
  • Country of origin: China
  • Factory manufacturer: China National Heavy Duty Truck Group (China) 
  • Distributor: Official Authorized Distributor in Uzbekistan: NAVOI PROM GRAND. LLC (NPG. LLC)





The HOWO tractor is an internationally advanced vehicle and is the pride of the Chinese automotive industry. 

The HOWO A7 420 HP Truck is a new generation tractor with a low dead load, elegant molding and luxury options that give you a comfortable driving experience, making it an ideal choice for transporting standard loads on highways over long distances and medium-distance transport tasks, especially available as a container carrier.

HOWO A7 420 is the largest engine horsepower in the HOWO A7 series, the load capacity can be 100 tons, 120 tons, adding a 2-axle semi-trailer, 

Howo Sinotruk 7-series is characterized by reliability and ease of activation. In Addition, the HOWO tractor has a feature that is not found in any other Chinese-made truck – it is a completely automatic Eaton transmission made in the United States. This way You can fully enjoy driving The HOWO tractor with automatic gear shifting!

    The design and functional features of the Chinese Howo dashboard correspond to the best foreign analogues. This panel was designed in conjunction with an American company. The decorative parts that are on The HOWO dashboard are manufactured by a Japanese specialty company. At the same time, the Howo car used the same devices that are usually used in European trucks. The dashboard of the Howo dump truck has a beautiful interior that features smooth lines. The panel finish corresponds to the luxury class. All switches and switches located on the dashboard are located very conveniently for the driver and within reach of his hand. At the same time, the control is simple and does not distract the driver's attention when driving.

    The Howo truck is equipped with third-generation electrical devices of the CAN system. They combine all the advantages of electrical equipment of previous generations and in their functionality fully correspond to foreign analogues of a high level. Numerous tests and tests with increased electrical load, as well as other special conditions, were conducted to test the Chinese Howo electrical equipment system. As a result of the research, it was found that the electric equipment of the HOWO Sinotruk 7-series heavy class truck fully corresponds to the international level of the beginning of the 21st century.  For Chinese cars, this is the most advanced technology. The outdoor lighting devices in the HOWO tractor were re-designed. They are characterized by a beautiful appearance, which is perfectly combined with the styling of the HOWO cab.


The headlight glasses are made in a modern style and have a flat surface. HOWO car headlights are characterized by high intensity of illumination, high transparency of glass, and durability. In addition, it is possible to install xenon headlights, which are usually used in the highest level of automotive technology. The front lights of The HOWO truck have folding brackets, which provides ease of maintenance and repair. The rear lights are located in one common block. They are characterized by a rational design, excellent appearance and have a variety of mounting points for the purpose of reliable installation.The HOWO tractor is an internationally advanced vehicle and is the pride of the Chinese automotive industry.


The cab of the HOWO-A7 tractor Unit is designed with the help of a well-known Italian construction company. The elegant shape of the Cabinet , atmospheric, noise insulator, the interior space is spacious and comfortable. The quality electrical system is strong, the transmission system is fully optimized, excellent fuel economy....

 AMT makes operation more convenient, front and rear drums and other multi-dimensional extended safety measures. The new diaphragm clutch, new front axle with lightweight and strong bearing capacity and other advanced and excellent aggregates are once again at the forefront of high-end tractors in China.


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