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Front loader XCMG ZL50GN 3 m3


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Technical characteristics 

Front loader XCMG ZL50GN 5 ton, 3м3


  • Manufacturer: XCMG
  • Model: ZL50GN
  • Load capacity (kg): 5000 (5ton)
  • Bucket volume (m3): 3
  • Overall dimensions (LxWxH) (mm): 8225 x 3016 x 3485
  • Curb weight (kg): 17500
  • Track (mm): 1130
  • Engine type: diesel
  • Engine : Weichai
  • Engine model: WD10G220E23 // WD615G. 220 // WD10G220E21
  • Type: Vertical, inline, 4-stroke, direct injection, water cooling
  • Cylinder: 6 x 130
  • Engine capacity (ml): 9700
  • Maximum torque (N. m.): 843
  • Power, (kW/HP): 162 //162 // 162
  • Rated speed, (rpm): 2200 // 2200 //
  • Fuel consumption (g / kW.h): 205
  • Noise level (DB): 97
  • Maximum pulling force (kN): ≥165±5
  • Maximum pull-off force (kN): ≥170
  • Management: Jestick PILOT (US technology)
  • Total working cycle time (s): 11
  • Boom lifting time (s): 6.0
  • Bucket reach (mm): 1130
  • Swivel angle ( ° ): ±38
  • Climbing ability ( % ): 30
  • Maximum speed (km / h): 38
  • Total working cycle time (s): 11
  • Boom lifting time (s): 6.0
  • Bucket reach (mm): 1130
  • Minimum turning radius (mm): 5902 ± 50
  • Tires: 23.5-25-16PR
  • Wheelbase (mm): 3300
  • Forward speed (km / h):
  • 1 gear -13.5
  • 2 transfer - 17
  • 3 transfer - 21
  • 4 transfer - 38
  • Reverse speed (km / h):
  • 1 gear - 16.5
  • 2 transfer - 38
  • Main parameters of the bucket device
  • Bucket type: Standard bucket
  • Bucket volume (m3): 3
  • Loading height (mm): 3090
  • Drop distance (mm): 1130
  • Digging depth (mm): 80
  • Maximum bucket pull-off force (kN): ≥170
  • Bucket width (mm): 3000
  • Transmission: Automatic
  • Clutches: ZF F&5340
  • Clutch type: single-level three-element
  • Clutch conversion rate: 2.55
  • Brake system
  • Brake: Disc brake with caliper
  • Parking brake and emergency brake: Flexible shaft manipulation, the hand brake
  • Cooling the clutch through the oil circulation
  • Brake system: 4-wheel hydraulic
  • Hydraulic system
  • Operating pressure of the system(MPa): 17.5
  • Boom cylinder-diameter x stroke: Ø160X840
  • Bucket cylinder-diameter x stroke: Ø180X585
  • The cylinders of the boom operating system : 160 x 850 mm
  • Working system bucket tilt cylinders 180 x 585 mm
  • Steering system
  • The relief valve control valve relief pressure(MPa): 15
  • Steering cylinder-diameter x stroke Ø90X375
  • ZL50GN launch: electric
  • Mixture preheater: electric
  • Air Conditioning: Yes
  • Fuel tank (LT): 295
  • Engine oil (LT): 20
  • Driving bridge (l): 27
  • Hydraulic oil (LT): 200
  • Carob oil (LT): 45
  • Number of seats in the cab: 1 (Suite)
  • Factory warranty: 2 years
  • Manufacturer: XCMG
  • Country of origin: China
  • Factory manufacturer: Xuzhou Construction Machinery Group Co., Ltd
  • Distributor: Official Authorized Distributor in Uzbekistan: NAVOI PROM GRAND. LLC (NPG. LLC)


    ZL50G  ZL50GN  



    XCMG ZL50GN front loader

    XCMG ZL50GN front-end loader is one of the sales leaders among the entire range of XCMG special equipment. Created using Western technologies, it is characterized by reliability and high performance.

The following technological innovations are used on the ZL 50GN models:

technology of argon-arc welding of the frame with tungsten electrodes. The technology has increased the impact strength of the vehicle frame by as much as 30 %;
the bucket of the new sample is characterized by increased wear resistance;
hydraulic system with precision pipelines;
articulated frame that reduces the minimum turning radius of the machine. Here, a new design finger is used to strengthen the load-bearing capacity of the frame;
a low-Rev engine that improved fuel efficiency;
the connectors of the wiring harness with a waterproof protective layer;
a single fuse block that simplifies the repair and maintenance of electronic systems;
hood with a new design that makes it easier to access service points;
improved noise insulation layer of the hood and cab;
a valve on the air cylinder used for purging the air filter and for pumping the wheels if necessary;
location of all measuring points for service fluids in one place;
digital dashboard;
a new generation air conditioner with fast changeover from one mode to another.

XCMG ZL50GN front loader is one of the most popular XCMG loaders in the world.it has a load capacity of 5-7T and a bucket volume of 3m3. Thanks to its short base, the ZL50GN loader has a small turning radius and high maneuverability. The pull-out force of the loader is 170kn. The loader is equipped with a joystick and air conditioning as standard. XCMG ZL50GN has the ability to operate in wide temperature ranges, 24 hours 7 days a week.At the construction site, the XCMG ZL50GN loader loads, unloads and transports construction materials (expanded clay, sand, gravel), develops ditches and excavates waste ground. In agricultural activities, it mechanizes manual processes, allowing you to use time more efficiently. Also, the scope of use can include medium and large warehouses.

Engine and transmission
The zl 50GN front loader is equipped with a Weichai brand power unit. The Chinese engine manufacturer works together with the Austrian Steyr Corporation. The result of the collaboration of the famous Breda and specialists in the field of cost-effective solutions was the birth of a new diesel WD615. 67G3-28. the Unit produces 162 kW/219 HP of power at a nominal speed of 2000 rpm.

XCMG ZL50GN front loader is equipped with modern fuel-efficient diesel engines from well-known companies: CAT, CUMMINS, SHANGHAI, STYRE. The new design of the air filter ensures effective cleaning of incoming air from dust and other impurities. The optimized cooling system guarantees trouble-free operation of the engine in all climatic conditions.

Advanced technologies from Japanese KAWASAKI are used to manufacture XCMG ZL50GN wheel loaders. The loading equipment has a Z-shaped scheme. The continuously variable hydro-mechanical transmission facilitates shock-free gear shifting while the loader is moving. Leading bridges from the Meritor company (joint production of the USA-China) provide smooth running.

ZL50GN loader-the production technology of this loader is constantly being improved. * Soma bridges are manufactured at the Meritor joint venture (USA). · The model is equipped with a joystick, which provides convenience and ease of operation. ·· The energy-saving engine WD10G220E23 (ZL50GN) is developed and manufactured by Weichai in collaboration with Steyr (Austria). · In the basic configuration, the loader is equipped with air conditioning, MP3 radio. · Modification of the front loader ZL50GN has the following differences: Argon-arc welding of the frame with a tungsten electrode, impact resistance increased by about 30%, a new wear-resistant bucket, precision hydraulic pipes, the hinge joint of the frame is strengthened by a new finger design, a low-speed engine-fuel savings of 8 to 12%, a single fuse block, waterproof wiring connectors. A new hood design with better access to the engine for maintenance, improved noise insulation of the hood and cab, a valve on the air cylinder allows you to pump tires and purge the air filter, pressure measurement points in the highways are reduced to one place, a new digital instrument panel, a new model of air conditioning for cold and heat with faster heating/cooling.

Hydraulic system
The hydraulic system of the zl 50 loader is recognized as one of the most economical. A special device allows the mechanisms to consume a minimum of oil at maximum performance. The system itself is a combined unit that operates at the expense of two hydraulic pumps. A full working cycle takes no more than 12 seconds. The load capacity of the hydraulic system is 5 tons. Steering is carried out through hydraulic cylinders.

The XCMG ZL50GN front loader has a capacity of 5 tons and a bucket volume of 3 cubic meters. it has a large pull-off force: up to 17 tons. Due to these characteristics, it can be used on large-scale construction works with maximum economic benefits. The power of the machine provides high requirements for the units that serve the engine. The air filter of the new design cleans the incoming air from dust impurities. The cooling system is adapted to all climatic conditions in Russia and ensures trouble-free operation of the machine. The hydraulic system ensures smooth operation of the boom and bucket even under maximum loads.

The articulated frame makes it possible to operate the front bucket at an angle to the main axis. The special tire tread allows you to effectively maneuver on various types of soil and snow cover. The loader mechanisms are controlled by a joystick. The high unloading height allows the loader to work in tandem with trucks.

XCMG is equipped with a German planetary-hydro-mechanical transmission ZF, heavy-duty engines and durable, with protection from increased friction, bridges of the American company Huzhou Meritor.

The XCMG loader is known all over the world as a maneuverable vehicle with smooth and smooth running, able to easily move on any off-road terrain. The design of the front loader XCMG ZL50GN has a new modern design. The loader frame is welded in an atmosphere of inert gases, which ensures maximum reliability of all seams. The hood is made of strong metal with a steel frame equipped with side folding doors and provides quick access to the engine and units for maintenance


. Large Windows of the driver's cab allow maximum coverage of the working space of the loader.

A single-piece cabin with a closed frame structure is used, it is provided with air conditioning, noise isolation, dust protection, and thermal insulation to ensure a healthy operating environment.

The cabin has all the amenities, air conditioning, plenty of space and excellent visibility. The adjustable seat provides functions of comfort and elegance. Key achievements at the leading level of the industry. XCMG launches vehicle manufacturing technology in China, including a metal part cover and electrophoretic coating, and showing high residual value.

Operators will appreciate the comfort provided by the new cab model. For example, the noise level is reduced by as much as 6 dB, and the wide viewing angle makes loading not only easy, but also comfortable. The climate control system is present even in the minimum configuration.

A single-piece cabin with a closed frame structure is used, it is provided with air conditioning, noise isolation, dust protection, and thermal insulation to ensure a healthy operating environment.

Joystick, air conditioner, cold start system, spacious comfortable new one-piece sealed cabin, audio preparation, led lights, increased noise insulation, comfortable pneumatic seat with armrests, control adjustments, cabin on pillows, blowing Windows, wipers with washer nozzles, ashtray, fan, spot lighting for reading, spherical mirror, modern dashboard and much more....


The bucket is equipped with teeth or a cutting edge. The degree of rotation of the bucket directly depends on the type of mechanism used in a particular model of front loader: Z-shaped increases the force of separation, H-shaped provides the highest height when lifting the working body.