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Front loader XCMG LW330FN leverage 2,1m3

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XCMG LW330FN front loader lever


  • Manufacturer: XCMG
  • Model: LW330FN
  • Load capacity (kg): 3300
  • Bucket volume (m3): 2.1
  • Overall dimensions (LxWxH) (mm): 7470 × 2482 × 3320
  • Curb weight (kg): 10600+200
  • Engine type: Diesel
  • Engine : Weichai 
  • Engine Model: WP6G125E22
  • Type: Vertical, inline, 4-stroke, direct injection, water-cooled
  • Power, (kW / hp): 92/125 / / 92(2200) 
  • Fuel consumption (g / kW.h): 195
  • Noise level (Db): 97
  • Maximum pulling force (kN): ≥95
  • Maximum breaking force (kN): ≥125
  • Management:     lever
  • Total working cycle time (s): 11
  • Boom lifting time (s): 5.7
  • Bucket reach (mm): 1104
  • Minimum turning radius (mm): 6067
  • Tires: 17.5-25
  • Wheelbase (mm): 2900
  • Number of axes:   2
  • Forward speed (km / h):               
  • 1 gear - 8/10
  • 2 gear - 13.30
  • 3 gear-24
  • 4 gear - 40
  • Basic parameters of the bucket device  
  • Unloading height (mm): 2850
  • Reset distance (mm): 1080
  • Maximum lifting force of the bucket (kN): ≥120   
  • Bucket width (mm): 2482
  • The main parameters of the jaw gripper device for the forest 
  • Unloading height (mm): 3043 
  • Drop distance (mm): 2036 
  • Working width (mm): 590
  • Maximum opening (mm): 1700 
  • Basic parameters of the clamping device      
  • Bucket width (mm): 2650
  • Discharge distance (straight/side) discharge (mm): 1104/183
  • Lifting height (straight/side) reset (mm): 5120/6052 
  • Basic parameters of the plug device   
  • Fork folding angle: 20°
  • Mounting length (mm): 1575
  • Mounting width (mm): 1980
  • Mounting height (mm): 1200
  • Canine tooth length (mm): 1050
  • Fuel tank L: 150
  • Hydraulic tank L: 175
  • Engine oil volume L: 20
  • Oil volume in gearboxes L: 32
  • Oil volume in the gearbox L: 25
  • Number of seats in the cab: 1
  • Factory warranty: 1 year
  • Manufacturer: XCMG
  • Country of Origin: China
  • Factory Manufacturer: Xuzhou Construction Machinery Group Co., Ltd
  • Distributor: Official Authorized Distributor in Uzbekistan: NAVOI PROM GRAND.LLC  (NPG.LLC)


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XCMG LW330FN front loader ( lever )

   The wheel loader model LW330FN is a lifting mechanism developed on the basis of the classic model LW300F of JSC "XCMG". This model is characterized by low energy consumption, low emissions, high efficiency, excellent control comfort, ease of repair, high efficiency, significantly increased mechanical characteristics, significantly reduced vibration and noise levels. Therefore, this model is characterized by high economic efficiency.

(1)Energy-saving power and drive system

1. The engine uses an energy-saving turbocharged engine, which is characterized by low discharge, high power, and meets the Category II emission standards. Moreover, this engine is still characterized by high operational reliability, suitability for repair and maintenance, low fuel consumption and low emissions. You can also install a low temperature starting device for the engine. This turbocharged engine is a high-quality engine specially designed for engineering and construction machinery. 2. Transmission transformer

The loader provides for the use of a transmission with fixed shafts, which is connected to a single-stage, single-phase three-element torque converter. The transmission has many gears, including 4 gears for forward, two gears for reverse. Therefore, the transmission can operate in different modes to adjust the speed of movement. The fixed shaft transmission is characterized by high operational reliability, long service life, high drive efficiency, simple design, easy to manufacture and repair, easy to shift gears, stable shifting and other advantages. 3. Drive bridge A reinforced drive bridge specially designed for engineering and construction machinery is used. This drive axle is characterized by stable quality, reliable performance and ease of repair.

(2) Hydraulic system

It is planned to use hydraulic rotary technology based on a hydraulic working pump with high performance and load sensors in order to reduce the time of the full cycle. The pressure in the hydraulic system can be increased from 16MPa to 17.5 MPa to improve the lifting capacity of the loader. The combined distribution valve allows manual operation, helps to improve the efficiency of the hydraulic system, reduce oil consumption. Additionally, an oil cooler is installed and the route of laying pipelines is optimized in order to facilitate their installation and connection, reduce pressure loss in the pipeline, improve the cooling effect of the general hydraulic system, and reduce the likelihood of hydraulic system failure.

(3) Electrical system

The electrical system provides for the use of hermetic plug-in modules with high water resistance and dust resistance. For the electrical system, a central fuse box is used, which provides convenience and high efficiency of repair inspection, maintenance. The CAN devices are seamlessly connected to the motor. The key electrical elements are located in the driver's office, taking into account international practices. (4) Driver's office and control system The international-style closed driver's office has a large space, is characterized by excellent comfort and provides a wide field of view. The combined digital device in the driver's office has the functions of fault diagnosis and alarm. The control lever is located in a convenient accessible location to facilitate the operation of the loader.

(5) Frame

In the place of the hinge joint of the frame, hinge bearings are installed to ensure the reliability of the hinge joint of the front and rear frames. The frame has been upgraded and is now a heavy construction with a large wheelbase. This frame has the same platform as the frame for the heavy loader model LW300K. It preserves the structural features of XCMG products. The rear frame continues the use of a reliable plate beam, the strength of which is increased by finite element analysis in order to facilitate stress concentration and eliminate weak points, improve operational safety and reliability of the loader. The location of the fuel tank in the rear can significantly improve the overall operational stability of the loader, increase the rollover load and lift. The rear axle has a large angle of rotation, which effectively avoids the loss of wheel support when working on uneven roads. Moreover, a protective panel for the fuel tank is additionally installed to prevent the fuel tank from deforming under adverse conditions. (6) Working device and bucket The working device has an optimal design and uses a Z-shaped six-rod structure with a single rocker arm, a short traction rod and a horizontal boom cylinder, so the working device has excellent performance and high working efficiency. The boom beam has a rectangular tubular structure, which effectively avoids the concentration of stresses, welding defects, and also increases the strength of the structure. The rollers are made of special materials with the use of special heat treatment technology and are characterized by high strength, wear resistance, and long service life. The bucket shape is intelligently designed and promises low insertion resistance, high bucket fill ratio. Moreover, there are functions for indicating the unloading of materials from the high position and horizontal position of the bucket, fixing the transport position due to the stop in order to reduce the spread of materials during operation.

(7) Braking system

The braking system includes a service brake and a parking brake. The service brake is a pneumohydraulic disc four-wheel brake with high stability, safety and reliability of braking, simple design and easy to repair. The afterburner pump is equipped with a dust-proof breathing apparatus to facilitate the maintenance of the afterburner pump, improve the cleanliness of the interior of the afterburner pump.

(8) Suitability for repair and maintenance

All points for monitoring the oil level, refueling with oil and grease are located in convenient and accessible places. The convenience of repair and replacement of the filter element of the air filter, electrical equipment is provided. The air heater is located on the right side of the driver's compartment for easy maintenance. The hood has a large side door and an inverted frame structure. The side door has a large opening angle, the rear cover can be opened to facilitate repair inspection, engine and radiator maintenance


The LW3030FN front loader is an updated and improved model of the ZL30 version. Improvements, in particular, consist in increasing the efficiency of the loader, its power, service life, as well as ease of operation. In addition, the new model is better protected from corrosion.
The LW330FN loader is a universal machine manufactured by the well-known Chinese concern Xuzhou Construction Machinery Group Inc., which is an effective assistant in the implementation of various works: loading and unloading, earthmoving, transport, as well as works related to lumpy or bulk materials. The XCMG LW330FN model is most often used in the construction, agricultural and road industries.
As for the main technical characteristics of this device, the XCMG LW330FN loader boasts the following indicators: a significant load capacity of several tons with a relatively small bucket volume (in the basic configuration), a maximum speed of movement (4 gears), improved maximum tractive effort and high engine power.
       The main working mechanism of the loader is a bucket with special teeth. If necessary, it can be changed to any buckets suitable for a specific type of work. These can be simply buckets of a different format, as well as bulldozer dumps, forks or grabs. The front loader LW330FN is extremely easy to re-equip, which, in turn, guarantees the versatility of the device and its multi-profile, because with its help it is possible to perform almost any construction and loading work.

The XCMG LW330FN front loader is equipped with a powerful Weichai WP6G125E22 diesel engine, as well as a modern XCMG planetary hydraulic gearbox. The two driving axles can guarantee the high cross-country capability of the loader and its efficiency even in extremely difficult working conditions.

   XCMG pays special attention not only to the mechanical equipment of the front loader, but also to the appearance (the model has a stylish design), and the comfortable placement of the driver (adjustable seat and steering column with control unit, excellent visibility).

The company's specialists also provide convenient maintenance of the loader. In particular, the large side door in the hood provides easy access to the engine, most of the parts used are easily replaceable.
The LW330FN model, whose price corresponds to the quality, is in demand in the construction industry. It is a convenient assistant that can significantly simplify and speed up the process of construction and loading operations.