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Autocrane XCMG QY25K-I 25 tonn

Technical parameters


  • Brand XCMG
  • ​Model QY25K5-I
  • ​Load capacity 25 tons
  • Total length 12300 mm
  • Overall width 2500 mm
  • Overall height 3350 mm
  • Operating weight 31750 Kg
  • Front axle load 6550 Kg
  • The rear axle load Kg 25200
  • The SC8DK280Q3 engine model / WD615.329        
  • Rated motor power 206/2200 213/2200 KW (g / min)
  • The nominal torque of the engine 1112/1400 1160/1400 Nm (R / min)
  • Maximum stroke diameter 80 Km / h
  • The minimum turning diameter of 22 m
  • Minimum ground clearance 260 mm
  • Angle of approach 16    ,
  • Departure angle 13     ,
  • Maximum. ability to assess 40     %
  • Fuel consumption 100km x 37L
  • The parameters driving the Maximum. total load capacity 25 T
  • Minimum working radius 3000 mm
  • Turning radius on the tail of the turntable 3,065 m
  • Maximum. lifting torque +961 kN.m
  • Main boom lifting length 10.4 m
  • The longest length of a boom with auxiliary lever 47,8\m
  • The maximum length of the boom 39.5 m
  • The length of the longitudinal outrigger distance of 5.14 m
  • Outrigger side distance 6 m
  • The duration of the elevation of the secondary boom 68 s
  • Lift duration for fully extended boom 150 s
  • Maximum. the speed of rotation of 2.5 g / min
  • Maximum. speed for main winch 125 m / min
  • Maximum. speed for auxiliary winch 125 m / min
  • Manufacturer: XCMG
  • Country of origin: China
  • Boom type: Telescopic
  • Factory manufacturer: Xuzhou Construction Machinery Group Co., Ltd
  • Distributor: official Authorized Distributor in Uzbekistan: NAVOI PROMGRAND.LC (PC.LC


QY25K5S, QY30K5C, QY25K5-IQY25K5-II, XCT25L5


- Leading performance: the boom length in full extension is 39.5 m and the performance is 5%. Evasion is 40%, so the car has a good adaptability to the road.
- Unique U-shaped boom and detachable boom head provide more balanced load capacity and smoother lift.
- Unique stretching and retracting technique prevents improper operation; stretching and retracting the boom is safer and more reliable.
- The control system is optimized by 8 patents; lifting, rotation and lifting are easy and reliable.
- Six unique technologies provide quality assurance and provide high value products.
- Innovative boom system includes built-in block, insert boom head and octagonal boom, which has excellent lifting characteristics and safe and reliable lifting operation.
- Unique stretch and retraction technology avoids bending of the main pipe and cylinder and boom breakage caused by improper operation, which increases the safety of operations.
- Eight patented technologies ensure smooth, high efficiency and energy saving of lifting, rotating and lifting systems.
- To adopt the new hydraulic motor with big torque starting point torque, making the secondary lifting safer.
- The torque limiter is equipped with a color LCD display, providing intelligent fault diagnosis. Precision is ahead of the industry. 
- Humane design makes the cabin and control cabin more spacious and easy to operate.
 Six unique manufacturing technologies ensure the high quality
 - XCMG QY25K5-1 standard lifting truck crane with 3 axes is the most advanced work in China with technology and quality achieved as 30 tons grade in foreign countries
* Hydraulic control by means of joysticks located on the sides of the operator's seat makes all operator's actions easy and precise (mechanical control can be installed as an option)
* The hydraulic valve pin is integrated into the modular structure, which can reduce pressure and improve working efficiency
• Counterbalance valve made according to the international technology, oil filter, the device prevents tipping and the plunger of the hydraulic circuit make operation more reliable.
* Excellent safety devices such as: automatic load limiter, winch end sensor, rope break protection device-make the operation safer.
* Air conditioning is available in the operator's cabin and driver's cabin.
* Eco-friendly and powerful engine, which is equipped with a crane, provides excellent driving performance and excellent cross-country.
Compared to similar models from other manufacturers XCMG qy25k5-1 crane has advantages, which are:
- the ability to use this crane in large-scale construction work to move heavy loads and loading/unloading of light objects because of its universal load capacity and optimal load-height characteristics;
- high maneuverability of the crane and good speed, regardless of the condition and type of road surface, even in the most extreme conditions.
- simplicity of operation and unpretentiousness in its maintenance, endurance and reliability, ability to withstand huge loads, without reducing performance and without breakdowns.
- in the price which is much lower than similar on technical characteristics of truck cranes of other producers.
If you need a universal loading equipment that does not require extra costs and a way to work for a long time in the most difficult conditions, the XCMG qy25k5-1 truck crane will be very profitable and competent purchase for you, you can not doubt. Large construction corporations and companies in Uzbekistan, deciding to buy a crane, invariably choose this model.

Автокран xcmg qy25k5-i г/п 25 тАвтокран xcmg qy25k5-i г/п 25 т


Автокран xcmg qy25k5-i г/п 25 т